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Pa Adebanjo Reveals One Thing Nigeria Must Change To Stop Having Problems

Adebanjo has identified the 1999 constitution as the major source of problems in Nigeria.

According to him, the constitution which is a design of the military was forced on the people of the country and is responsible for stunting the growth of the country.

In his view, all the economic, political, or cultural problems facing Nigeria are a result of the wrong constitution being used in administering the country.

He added that if the 1999 constitution is revoked and replaced with a true federal constitution, Nigeria would enjoy real progress.

Adebanjo made the submission on Saturday while speaking on Nigeria’s 63rd independence anniversary celebration during an interview on Channels TV.

According to him, “Nigeria’s political, economic and cultural problems are based on the way we are running the nation under a wrong Constitution that was not embedded when we got our independence.

“We lost the ball when the military seized control and changed the constitution.


We’ve got it wrong since the military took over and we got it wrong when they went back to the barracks. They didn’t go back with their luggage of the constitution which we didn’t know about.

They imposed a constitution on us which is the cause of the problem today. So, we should go back to where we were, by changing this constitution, that’s the bottom line of our problem. All the problems we are having are based and embedded in the fraudulent constitution by the military.

You cannot rule this country under a unitary system of government. We have this problem of disunity because of the unitary form of government the colonialists were using, but when we inverted to federalism after the London Constitutional Conference in 1953 which came into office in 1954. Before then, there were no questions or issues.

What I am saying is that the problem we are having in this country today, whether economic, political, or cultural, is based on the way we are running the country under a wrong constitution that was not embedded when we got our independence,”




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