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Femi Fani-Kayode: A love letter to Datti Ahmed

“Yes I have “infant children”. I love them deeply and I am very proud of them. Each of them is worth more than one hundred million of that bogus, classless, empty and 419 contraption that you call your University and I thank God for their lives. Each of them, like their illustrious forefathers and siblings, will go to Cambridge, Durham or London University and not to the half-baked, neophyte, dubious, shady, primitive, low ranked, unlettered, unlearned, peasant institution and bawdy whore-house that you built, run and own and that you claim to be an institution of higher learning. Finally unlike your brood of ill-bred desert rats and inconsequential piglets that you call yours, my children are human beings, each fearfully and wonderfully made. Unlike yours they are not an uncontrollable infestation of Mauritanian worms and rotten maggots or a bunch of ravenous wolves and ignorant, vagrant and sheep-shagging goats!” – (FFK to Dati Ahmed, 4th December, 2022).

I had wanted to limit my response to you to the above words and tweet but given the fact that you are not gifted with much intelligence I decided to give you a little more of my time and add this brief note.

You accuse me of “sleeping with women” whilst you were “building your university” and whilst Peter Obi was “building his business” as if it is a crime to sleep with your wife.

You also accuse me of having what you described as “infant children” as if that were also a crime.

Finally you accuse me, along with Pastor Reno Omokri, Senator Dino Melaye and Olorogun Festus Keyamo SAN (none of whom are in your Labour Party) of all indulging in “wife abuse” and all manner of things.

When did you decide to go so low Dati?

Is this the same man that was once so civilised, decent and gentle and that I considered to be my friend and brother?

Look at what politics and your association with the Obidients has done to you?

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Consider how much your mind and manners have degenerated and the level to which you have sunk.

I waited for you to deny saying these things but you refused to do so.

Now I have no choice but to respond.

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I really do wonder which hole you crawled out of?

Has it occurred to you that none of those whose names you mentioned are on the ballot and neither are our wives and children?

Is this really the game you want to play and if so can you stand the repercussions and consequences?

Do you have the stomach for such a fight?

Ordinarily I would have ignored you but for the sake of my children I will not do so.

I ask you: since when have people’s family matters and private life been brought into the political fray and arena by politicians?

This is especially so of wives and children.

This is something that I personally never do and I frown on it but clearly you have misconstrued my silence for weakness.

That is the measure of how daft you are.

That is a testimony to the fact that you are as shallow as a Turkish door mat.

Should we not shield and protect our wives and children from politics and keep them out of the fray?

Has that not been the norm?

Even if we detest one another should we bring innocent children and women into it?

Should we feed on each others private lives?

You know very well that so much is hidden in yours.

Besides which what you do with your wife behind closed doors is best not mentioned or exposed here otherwise all hell wil break loose.

What you did to other ladies and girls in the past is even worse.

We really ought not to throw stones in glass houses or reveal each others secrets.

All this pettiness, vitriol and attacks on family’s, women and children simply because I pointed out just how ignorant you are and proved it by citing your consistent factual blunders, particularly about the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, who you were stupid enough to claim led the UK in the 50’s, was a member of the Labour Party and was a supporter of the Trade Unions.

Not even my 7 year old son could make such a blunder and frankly it was a disgrace and embarrassment to us all that a man of your age who aspires to be Vice President of our country knows nothing about world politics, world history or the politics of our former colonial masters.

My advise to you is that it is better to remain silent on national and international issues that you know nothing about rather than prove, confirm and advertise your stupidity by speaking nonsense.

You may own an institution of higher learning which you insist on calling a University, even though in my view and by my standard it is not fit to be called one, but clearly you have no brain in your head.

Worse of all a few years ago whilst on the Senate floor you called for the execution of all gay men and women and members of the LGBQ community which proves your barbaric nature, your primitive disposition, your evil and fascistic tendencies and your intolerance and insensitivity to the yearnings and sexual orientation of others.

Many of us may not endorse, encourage or support homosexuality and sodomy but we certainly do not believe that gays should be killed simply for their sexual preferences because it is a matter of choice.

To suggest that gays should be lynched, butchered and murdered in the streets is nothing but wickedness and such thoughts can only emanate from a twisted mind and a dark, callous heart which belongs to the 6th century and which has no business vying for power in our country.

On your allegation against me of “sleeping with women” let me respond by saying that you know nothing about my private life and if you did you would be surprised about the level of discipline, restraint and decency that I exercise in such matters due to my Christian faith which I happen to take very seriously.

Unlike many I am not one of those that gives himself over to bouts of debauchery and wild sexual escapades and I prefer to live a relatively fasted life.

Yet even if I do like women it is better to do so than to sleep with goats, cows and dogs like some that you know and that are close to you have cultivated a habit of doing.

I have had the honor and privilege of having been ssociated with the most beautiful and most intelligent women over the last 62 years of my life and I consider it to be a gift from God.

No crime in that either and I am truly sorry that you were stuck with the ugly vultures and low unintelligent creatures that you call your women and that you have had to manage throughout your life.

This explains your frustration and your fixation and obsession about other people’s children, women and wives.

In this respect I guess my luck was good and yours was bad.

Now let us look at your boastful claims.

You say you were a Senator whilst I was “sleeping with women” yet you forgot to say that you were one with a stolen mandate who was eventually unceremoniously throw out of the Senate by the courts and properly trounced by Senator Ahmed Makarfi whose mandate you attempted to steal.

You say you built a so-called University whilst I was “sleeping with women” but you forgot to mention that it was built with funds that were questionable, that the way in which you acquired the land on which you built it was dubious and shady and that by world standards the place you call your University is no better than a glorified and well equipped cow shed.

You spoke about your partner Obi building up his business and being a Governor whilst I was “sleeping with women” but you forgot to mention that he stands accused of running drugs in Malaysia, giving orders to kill people and dumping them in Oji River when he was governor, causing the painful, horrific and frightful death of his own father as a consequence of unspeakable and unmentionable practices and dealings and having secret offshore bank accounts with stolen money in shady places like Panama.

You said myself, Reno Omokri, Festus Keyamo and Dino Melaye, all men that, though we may not agree on everything or support the same candidate, are far more cerebral, formidable and intelligent than you, were “wife beaters” but you forgot to mention the fact that you are an unstable and aggressive husband with a vile temper and serious anger management issues.

You also forgot to mention what you subjected your first wife, the daughter of a prominent, highly respected and well known Army Generals from Gusau in Zamfara state to, how you beat her mercilessly and how she suffered.

You have subjected your present wife, the daughter of a respected and much loved Second Republic Minister and politician from Kano, to precisely the same treatment.

If anyone is the wife-beater surely it is you.

And unlike you all those you mentioned and accused earlier are now at peace with their respective wives, former wives and mother’s of their children so what exactly is your business?


Quite apart from that the number of young ladies that have complained about your sexual advances to them in return for passing exams in your so-called University are legion but that is a story for another day.


Frankly the things that I have heard that you did and atrocities committed in your cow-shed of a University are utterly disgusting.

You see I have the goods on you.

I could go on and on but I will stop here for now.

The truth is no matter how hard you and your vast army of social media and Obidient trolls try you cannot define me or mine.

This is because you are far below me in every sense of the word and you and I come from two very different worlds.

And I put it to you that you wouldn’t even know what a real University looks like if you went on a tour of one.

Unlike you I went to real University’s like London and Cambridge and prior to that I went to the best schools in the United Kingdom from the age of 6.

That education is what speaks for me till today and that is why you cannot stand before me in any public discussion or debate.

You just don’t have the knowledge, the depth, the guts, the eloquence, the vocabulary or the capacity to do so.

Simply put, you are too small.

Your ignorance has hampered you but if you are ready to try it I will meet you for that discourse and debate on any live television station anytime and anywhere just to expose you for the fake, inconsequential and ignorant little dullard that you are.

We are not on the same level and you appear to have forgotten your place.

30 years ago when you and your family were still struggling to be regarded and recognised as bona fide Nigerians and were still trying to settle down in our country from your native Mauritania, I was actively involved in the fight against military dictatorship and in the ranks of NADECO after being introduced into politics by the late and great Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi CON, the Marafan Sokoto.

At that time you and your family were still wandering the streets of Lagos, Zaria and Abuja looking for somewhere to call home.

20 years ago, long before either you or Obi went into politics I was the spokesman and Senior Special Assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo, the greatest and best President that Nigeria has ever had and was later appointed as a two-time Minister of the Federal Republic by the same man.

Unlike you I am not a neophyte who has just joined the train and hopped on the Obi bandwagon to get social media fame but I have continually and constantly been in the forefront of politics, political commentry and public affairs over the last 30 years and I have paid my dues.

Again unlike you I am a Nigerian who comes from a long line of achievers and great men and women who, from generation to generation, have achieved great things in this country and made notable contributions to our history.

My father Chief Remilekun Adetokunboh Fani-Kayode Q.C, S.AN., C.O.N., who studied law at Cambridge University and who successfully moved the motion for Nigeria’s independence in Parliament in 1958 was not only a Minister and Deputy Premier of the old Western Regjon which, unlike today, stretched from Ibadan to Asaba, but was also elected as Deputy Leader of the Yoruba race in 1967 at the same meeting in which Chief Obafemi Awolowo was elected Leader.

The meeting was chaired by General Adeyinka Adebayo and took place in Ibadan in 1967 just before the civil.war.

History attests to this.

He was also the third Nigerian lawyer to be made a Q.C. after being called to the British Bar in 1945 and later the third to be made a SAN.

My grandfather Justice Victor Adedapo Kayode was also at Camdridge University and after being called to the British bar at the Middle Temple in 1922 came home to become one of the most respected and brilliant criminal lawyers in the old Lagos Colony after which he went on to be appointed as Nigeria’s third indigenous judge.

His contemporaries were great men like the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Sir Adetounkboh Ademola.

My great grandfather Rev. Emmanuel Adedapo Adebiyi Kayode went to Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leonne which, at that time, was part of the United Kingdom’s Durham University and graduated with an M.A. (Hons) in Theology in 1885.

He came back home after starting his ministry as an Anglican priest in the UK and became the first Nigerian to briing Chriistianity and build and Pastor a Church in Ile Ife, my ancestral home.

All this whilst your father, grandfather and great grandfather were still roaming and herding sheep and goats in the Sahara desert, carrying camel shit in Mauritania and looking for a nation to call their own.

For the record let me put it to you that each of the women you accuse me of having children with were ALL my wives and, even though I may have had differences with one of them in the recent past, thankfully such differences have long since been settled, and I am proud of each and everyone one of them.

I am also proud of my NINE beautiful children who you have insisted on bringing into the political fray and insulted by mentioning, including the young ones.

I can expect such despicable and low down practices and tactics from ill-born guttersnipes and trolls on social media but I never expected such from you.

If my good friend and brother, the late Waziri Mohammed, who I knew to be very close to your older brother Muftau and your family generally, saw what you were doing and heard what you were saying today about other people’s wives and children all in the name of politics, he would surely have been ashamed of your new low.

Needless to say each of my children have had the very best of education at the best foreign Universities like their father and forefathers before them, unlike you and yours.

And they didn’t just go there for their Masters degree like most of your ilk: they went there for their first and second degrees and also went to the best foreign and Nigerian private schools before University just as their younger siblings are doing today.

You see unlike you regardless of what I do or say I have a good heritage and a great legacy. And as each day passes it gets stronger and stronger regardless of your insults.

Unlike you I do not need to build a second rate University or run for public office to be a household name. And it is MY name they call (FFK) or (Sadauki) and not just my fathers.

They no longer say “FFK the son of Fani-Power” but rather they now say “Fani-Power the father of FFK”.

I give thanks to God for that and believe me when I tell you that, by the grace and power of the Living God whose I am and whom I serve, even though demons like you try to denigrate and belittle them my handsome sons shall be even greater than me and their forefathers and they shall achieve far more than we ever did whether you like it or nor.

That gives me great pleasure and a sense of extraordinary hope and achievement.

Our family name has gone from strength to strength and blessing to blessing from generation to generation and we have a great legacy and heritage.

This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvellous in our sight.

My question to you is as follows:

What will happen to yours after you lose the election in February and hopefully you go back to your native country Mauritania?

Long after your so-called University has vanished into obscurity, notoriety or both and has fallen and long after your Vice Presidential bid is dead and buried the Fani-Kayode shall continue to wax strong in the affairs of our nation whilst your name and your family will just melt away into insignificance and irrelevance.

This shall be your portion.

Today you are having your moment in the sun so enjoy it and thrive in it.

I do however advise you to keep other peoples wives and children out of your mouth otherwise you will get far more than you bargained for in return.

Women and children are considered no go areas in war, let alone politics. That is the law, the convention and the norm of the civilised.

I know that your ignorance is limitless but know this and know peace.

Stick to your campaign issues and, if it pleases you attack me, but leave my family alone.

If you fail to do so you will suffer the consequences and reap what you have sown because I will fire back and target yours with my words and prose until the day I die.

Not even your big brother with all his childish and fanciful threats and so-called connections will be able to save you from my verbal attacks if you do not tread wisely.

I don’t take prisoners when it comes to debate and public commentry.

I advise you not to provoke me any further.

I wish you and yours well.


Femi Fani-Kayode is the Director of Special Media Projects, Special Media Operations and New Media of the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council.




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