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Ambode: The Carnage Called Godfatherism In Nigeria’s Politics

Years after the regime of the great Awo and Akins, many godfathers have emerged in the South-western region in Nigeria.

Over the years, the southwest politics has been characterized by politics of godfatherism. The southwest, maybe because of it nature of respect to elders, seems to be the most politically loyal and politically controlled region in Nigeria.

Since before 1960, individuals like Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir S. A. Akintola among numerous others controlled the politics of the south west through the great divide of “Yoruba south and Yoruba north respectively “.

Years after the regime of the great Awo and Akins, many godfathers have emerged in the region. Late Sir Saraki was known to control the politics of Kwara state. Till date, his family still controls the dynasty of politics in the state.

While late Pa Adedibu aka Baba Amala controls Ibadan politics. Then there is the case of Lam Adesina and Akala in the Oyo axis. Late Aree’musilimi of Ibadan. All are good examples of godfathers politics of the states and the south west zone and region in general.

In Lagos, known as the centre of excellence. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former governor of the state and former senator of the state is the godfather. He controls all the institutions in the state from his political party of AC, ACN and the merger of his structure in 2013 to the northern political front of CPC, that later transmogrified into APC.

The first elected governor of Lagos under the APC is Gov. Ambode. Who have been rated to have done extremely well in area of governance.
Despite Ambode performance, he has been denied a second term ticket of the ruling party because of godfatherism.
The simple summary of this analytical enquiry is this, should the southwest, especially Lagos keep allowing a man called godfather of the state to raise and bring down people at will without any recourse?

I think it high time godfatherism or godfather to focus more on quality of the people they bring to the fore. Good hands in politics will make people not to worry about this politics of individuals.

It is highly regrettable to see a very bright and wonderful governor been denied his second term bid because of pure loyalty to a man.
Like other godfathers in the southwest, after their demise because they aren’t immortal, the structure can’t be maintained. I will advised that Nigerians should look inward and see how to liberate our political structures and institutions from hands of few elites and individuals called godfathers.

Look at the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world in all ramifications, President Trump is a president there because of the free hands every individual has to participate into politics. If the United States happened to be Lagos, a state that opposition can’t win an election, Trump won’t have become president.


Same politics of godfatherism played in Ekiti and Osun elections, Bola Tinubu the godfather of southwest used all the powers from Abuja to put governors in place in those state. All in a bit to make the south west region an Umbrellaless state.


Now that the APC Lagos State has a successor for able working governor Ambode, I hope he will do well and lick the boots of his godfather Tinubu before what happened to his predecessor will happen to him.

Basically, the south west will not progress until godfathers stopped ruling the region. Gov. Ambode has been rated as one of the best governors in Nigeria, under the APC led administration. That made him to get the partial sympathy of Aso Rock, but in fear of not hurting the godfather of the southwest, the presidency have to play safe and follow the will of Lagos godfather Tinubu. This politics of godfathers is a major challenge in Nigeria and Africa politics.

It has led to a Collosal and torrential setbacks in the politics of the Third World. Many developed technologies don’t do godfathers politics. The president of France is about 43 years, he emerged because in France, the people decide who governs them not mere godfathers.
Godfatherism and godmotherism are clear examples of political poverty of Nigeria.

The populace don’t have minds of their own. The greatest poverty is the inability to make choices. Invariably, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was brought from prison to become president because of gidfatherism. He in turn became very strong and brought Late Yar’adua and Goodluck Jonathan but denied Atiku the seat because of lack of loyalty.

Finally, the second person to suffer from political disgrace of godfathers in Nigeria is Ambode after Atiku.

I have read and heard some analysts comparing Gov Ambode decision to concede defeat with Jonathan conceding, this is very arguable.
One was president and conceded at a national elections because of love for democracy and peace in the nation, while the other was a governor bowed to pressure from a godfather in view of future favours.

Ambode said he is working for the interest of his party, while GEJ said his ambition worth the blood of no Nigerian. Above all, Nigeria must make to work and Nigerians must grow above this godfathers.

The southwest people must unite to put an end to godfathers. I am hopeful that the future of this country shall be better than the present. I see a nation void of godfathers ahead. I see a people been liberated from the shackles of godfathers and political bondage.

Rwang, Patrick Stephen
Department of political science.
Federal University of Kashere Gombe state. Northeast Nigeria.




  1. Well written, this bullshit called God fatherism is prominent in western Nigeria. I hope one day thet will over grow their ass licking.


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