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Power Generation Dips To 1,892.30MW

The Nation reports that electricity generation on Wednesday declined from 4,017MW at 14 hours to 1,892.30MW at 15:00 hours.

This is according to the Independent System Operator of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).Twenty power plants were in operation when the grid recorded 4,017MW and later dipped by 2,125.66MW.

At 16:00 hours on Wednesday, the production increased to 1,191MW when only eight plants were operational.

The document titled: “List of GenCos and their MW Load @ 16:00 hour on 04/01/2023” stated that the plants that produced the 1,191MW were Alaoji 105.20MW, Dandikowa GS (Hydro) 32.58MW, Ibom Power (Gas) 106.40MW, and Kainji (Hydro) 499MW.

Omoku produced 109.20MW, Omotosho (Gas) 111.10MW, Paras Energy (Gas) 60.40M and Sapele (Steam) 107.20 MW.

The sudden surge also occurred on the grid at 12:00 hours on Tuesday when the only five plants which were in operation produced 1,112.20 MW.

The Nation, however, observed that within that hour the figure rose to over 4,000MW.

But from its document titled: “List of GenCos and their MW Load @ 15hrs on 4/01/2023,” The Nation also observed that at the hour under review, only 13 plants were operational.

The document said Aloaji NIPP (Gas) produced 106.60MW with one unit, and with two units, Dandikowa GS (Hydro ) generated 32.50MW, Delta (Gas) generated 319MW with eight units and with one unit, Ibom Power (Gas) produced 106.20MW.


The SO added that Jebba Hydro generated 374MW with four units, Kainji (Hydro ) generated 480MW with five units while Olorunsogo (Gas) produced 120.40MW with four units.

At the hour under review, the SO revealed that Olorunsogo NIPP (Gas) produced 106.80MW with one unit, Omoku (Gas) produced 42.40MW with three units while Paras Energy (Gas) produced 57.20MW with eight units and with four units, Sapele (Steam) generated 108.20MW.

From the distribution end, however, another document noted that the SO allocated 3,302MW to the 11 electricity distribution companies.

In the document titled “Distribution Load Profile Data as at 04/01/2023 15.57:00,” the SO said Abuja DisCo got 447MW, Benin DisCo got 272MW, Eko DisCo received 411MW and Enugu DisCo got 318MW.

The document also noted that Ibadan DisCo got 401MW, Ikeja DisCo received 470MW, Jos DisCo got 191MW and Kaduna DisCo got 220MW.

The SO said it allocated 235MW to Kano DisCo, 240MW to Port Harcourt DisCo and Yola DisCo 95MW.





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