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Cardi B: How my ex stole $20,000 from me when I was a stripper

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, got candid in a new interview, in which she talked about all she lost during her time as a stripper.

Cardi B told the guests and host on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast that a former partner stole $20,000 from her life savings.

“When I was 20 years old, I used to say this so much, ‘I’m 20 years old and I got $20,000.

“And that just always made me hyped up, because I worked hard for it. I fucking ‘shaked’ my ass real hard for it.

“And then I came home one day from work, everything, I’m counting the money and everything, I’m about to put it in my stash, and I’ve got like $1,000.

“Like, this nigga took my fucking money. He took my money, he didn’t answer the phone for like a whole day. I was going insane.”

Cardi caught the ex, who claimed he took the money to purchase pounds of marijuana in California.

“It’s always that weed shit! I’m traumatised,” she said, adding that he only paid her back $4,000.

“It traumatised me.”


She had to work extra hard again, noting that she was considered a “skinny” dancer at the time.

“I got my ass shots and everything when I was like 21, so I had like big boobs, but I was so skinny when I was a dancer,” she said.

“And I didn’t have a lot of ass, so I had to work—I had to really work.”

Eventually, she decided to end the relationship shortly after, and vowed never to mess with a broke man ever again.

“I just had to get rid of him. I used to pray to God like, ‘God, please let me stop now, I just don’t wanna like this nigga anymore.

“Another fuck nigga came into my life, but this one had money. After that nigga, I never fucked a broke nigga again.

“No, matter of fact, I fucked a broke nigga after that by default, ’cause he had money, but he went to jail, so he turned broke.”




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