Russia Speak On Officially Declaring War On Ukraine


Russia has dispelled rumors of declaring war on Ukraine come May 9.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson, said that May 9 is Russia’s victory day and reports of war declaration were nonsense.

Russia said it is currently on a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine. Analysts and Western officials previously stated that they believe that on May 9, Putin could formally declare war.

However, Dmitry Peskov told CNN that the speculations were untrue and far-fetched, adding that the chances of Putin declaring war on Victory Day were non-existent.

He also stated that the President would not be announcing mobilization on victory day, which would allow the government not just to assemble troops but also to put the economy on a war footing.


May 9, known as “Victory Day” inside Russia, commemorates the country’s defeat of the Nazis in 1945.

It is marked by a military parade in Moscow, and Russian leaders traditionally stand on the tomb of Vladimir Lenin in Red Square to observe it.



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