Couple Arrested For Inflicting Injuries On Starving 10-yr-old Maid For Eating In Neighbour’s House


A couple has been arrested by the police for allegedly inflicting injuries on their 10-year-old housemaid in Delta state.

According to human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, the couple brutally assaulted the starving minor because she ate food in a neighbour’s house.

He Wrote;

“The rate of violence against children is increasing by the day in Delta State. Another case of a 10 year old who was employed as a maid was beaten for eating in a neighbor’s house.

“Same child they left to starvation ate at a neighbor’s house to avoid dying of hunger , husband and wife brutally assaulted her mercilessly.


“The husband and Wife are now detained in B Divisional Headquarters Asaba police for assault occasioning harm”



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