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War: Zelensky reveals two factors to determine how long conflict will last between Russia, Ukraine

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has revealed two factors that will determine how long the war between Russia and Ukraine will last.

Recall that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine started in February this year.

As of today, several casualties have already been recorded as a result of the war.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had ordered the invasion of Ukraine due to political differences between both neighbouring nations.

However, in Zelensky’s latest nightly address to Ukrainians, he said it is difficult to predict how long the war will last, noting that two factors such as ‘success of Ukraine’s military on the battlefield and sanctions against Russia’ will determine the conflict’s duration.

“Of course, I also hear different predictions. I have much more information than some media outlets about the intentions and capabilities of the Russian army,” Zelensky said, according to BBC.


He added, “The success of our military on the battlefield is really significant. Historically significant. But not enough to clean our land from the occupiers yet. We will beat them more.

Sanctions against Russia are very significant. Economically painful. But still not enough for the Russian military machine to be left without means of subsistence. We promote stronger, more destructive ones.

If someone says: year or years, I answer: you can make the war much shorter.”




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