Scary events will happen soon – Fresh prophecy emerges concerning Nigeria


Apostle Paul Okikijesu of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry has warned of the serious security crisis in most parts of the country

The cleric, who claimed to have heard directly from God, said that Yoruba land, Igbo land, the Middle Belt, and the Northern part of the country needed adequate security at this point to forestall the occurrence of certain things.

According to him, if sufficient security was not provided, many mysterious events would happen that would make people afraid to be in public places.

“This mysterious event will not be limited to kidnapping, but it will be more severe than kidnapping,” he said in a statement to DAILY POST on Friday.


The event will make people afraid to discuss in their homes or even use their cell phones to discuss with other people. These scary events will start very soon; if adequate security is not provided for the country, then people will be mindful of their speeches.

People should pray for this nation starting from the Office of the President to the Senate, to the House of Representatives. People should also pray for the banking sector, oil and gas sector, foreign sector, and every other sector because all the sectors in Nigeria need supervision.

Nigeria should be prepared; so that it will not become a slave of those countries that are below her in every ramification,” he added.



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