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Family And Friends Eulogize Late Chime Amaechina

The final burial rites of Chime Amaechina who was found dead in same car with Davido’s friend DJ Olu was laid to rest in his village, Umuanugo-Ifitedunu in Anambra State. The quiet ceremony took place on Saturday, October 14, 2017. He was just 23 years old.

Chime and DJ Olu were found dead in a car at the underground parking lot of the Banana Island apartment they lived in.

Friends, family and familiar faces shared their memories of the young businessman.

Many of them, across different fields of endeavours, took out time to pay their last respects to the late Chimesalt as he his sometimes called.

See their various reactions below:

His sister, Sopolu

When I got that call, all I had myself saying was Noooooooooooooo!!! No waaay!! I felt my second half ripped out, I felt helpless & totally vulnerable all at once. Chime , you were so pure & amazing, selfless,extremely family in tune ,loyal & you had such a beautiful heart , chime. I can recall how countless times mum would plan to scold you but once she see’s you, she will start smiling and murmuring her words. No one could stay angry with you. You had personal nicknames for everyone (siblings,cousins &friends) ,who will call me “sampala”. Everything about you was unique including your “hanger” shoulders and pencil waist as we would always tease you.You would keep china’s (chinazom) keys where her hands couldn’t easily reach and tell her to jump and get it in retaliation. That shit made us laugh so hard.

On her wedding night Chime, just because Dd forgot his outfit, you picked up the car keys and drove from Lagos to Ibadan by 10: 30pm,  and came back to Lagos by 2am. Just to make sure She was all smiles on my big day.  Who else could have taken her happiness so seriously??

I remember asking you why you were called SALT, you just looked at me with your beautiful smile and silly chicken laugh and said ” because I give taste” my heart melted! That was the perfect answer , it was not just a nickname; it was who you were chime & you lived by it. You gave meaning to everything & anyone who met you.Mummy told us of the day you called her and as you were speaking to her, you heard a lady crying close by because she could not pay her son’s tuition fee. You asked mummy to give the woman the money that you would transfer it back to her. You are truly the son of your father.

Today,We stay consoled by the fact that you are loved & you touched many lives positively in your short stay here.  You had a big heart and exuded pure love wherever you went. You never spoke to someone and the person wasn’t happier. You hardly held a grudge. You treated everyone the same way, regarded every single person with as much importance as the next. You were the best brother ever. We will ask for you countless times as our brother. Chime you have angels as friends @fayoseagorogba @thatmlawoman @anitaashiru @respectgreen @oniranu @ghettogram_ @trillfela, Ehi , Nonso ,Angel udoh ( angelitico) thank you for being absolutely awesome , only family could do what you guys have done

This is not goodbye. We will see you again. May the Good Lord Grant you eternal rest and accept you into his bosom. We love you now, We love you forever. ❤#chimesalt #princeoftaste #soft #update!


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