Nigeria, India, 45 others restrict Internet freedom – Report


Nigeria, Angola, Ecuador, India, Mexico and 42 others have been identified as countries restricting internet freedom in varying forms.

This was contained in a recent wide-ranging report released by US-based Freedom House titled ‘Freedom On The Internet’ featuring 65 countries.

Nigeria was, however, listed among countries where Internet freedom is ‘partly free’ while Pakistan, Cuba, Iran, Syria, China, The Gambia, Egypt, Thailand, Belarus, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ethiopia were included in the “not free’ category.

Also in the report, Iceland, US, South Africa, Kenya, Argentina, UK, Brazil, Armenia, Canada, Germany Australia, Italy, France, Georgia, Hungary, Estonia and Philipines were tagged ‘free,’ suggesting countries placing no censorship on internet use.


The 65 countries covered in the report represent 88 per cent of the world’s Internet user population.

According to the report, 45 per cent live in countries where posting satirical writings, videos, or cartoons can result in censorship or jail term, while 34 per cent live in countries where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex voices have been silenced or where access to resources has been limited by authorities.

Freedom House further stated in the report that, “Thirty eight per cent live in countries where popular social media or messaging apps were blocked in the past year. Thirty four per cent live under governments which disconnected internet or mobile phone access in 2014-2015, often for political reasons.”



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