Armed Robber Walks Calmly To Hospital With Machete Lodged In His Head


A convicted armed robber, Pedro Ferreira, created a spectacle in Brazil sometime ago when he was seen strolling into a hospital in the city of Recife, Brazil as blood dripped from the point where a machete lodged in his head.

According to a video published by Mirror Online, the 34-year-old could be seen alighting from a prison’s vehicle, entering the Restoration Hospital in Recife in Brazil, and chatting calmly with hospital staff while the machete was lodged in his head.

The UK paper quoted Brazilian media as reporting that the victim was convicted for armed robbery in 2004 and was serving his jail term.

The victim told local media that he had been asked to go to da Silva’s cell by another inmate but da Silva stabbed him with a knife, in the incident which occurred in April.

The surgeons also said that the weapon did not leave any long-term complications.