Richest Kardashian Family Member Revealed


The Kardashians are a family literally rolling in money. With tonnes of endorsement deals, a thriving reality show, personal businesses and so on, they are the modern quintessential power family.

According to US money, new mum Kylie Jenner is the richest Kardashian with an estimated worth of £278 million helped by her beauty empire and insanely popular Lip Kit 

She also has insane earning potential with US Money estimating that she will be a Billionaire by 2022 by which point she’ll be under 25.

The full list goes thus:

Kylie Jenner – $386 million (£278m)

Kim Kardashian – $175 million (£126m)

Khloe Kardashian – $40 million (£29m)

Kourtney Kardashian – $35 million (£26m)

Kendall Jenner – $18 million (£13m)

Rob Kardashian – $8 million (£5.7m)

Kylie named her daughter Stormi. Stormi was born on the 1st of February and has been creating quite the buzz with an overwhelming amount of love and support coming from fans of the Kardashian clan.

In an interview with LOVE magazine, Kylie spoke of her wealth and the work she puts in: “I think truly, I put a lot of hard work into this. It’s not like I am doing this to make money. I don’t even think about that part.”

Money Nation has estimated that her merchandise has brought in over £16million, which she would get a sizeable cut from.

Another major source of her sizable fortune comes from her foray into the real estate game. In 2015, she reportedly cashed in £2.7million from her “starter home”, before moving into a luxury Tuscan-style Calabasas mansion.