TB Joshua: You’re a coward, Tee Mac blasts Chris Okotie


He told me Michael Jackson would die on Thursday, June 25, 2009. And it happened’

Popular flutist and businessman, Dr. Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli, has accused pastors in the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) folds of being jealous of the late T. B. Joshua over his spiritual exploits. The man, a friend of the controversial prophet recalled how TB Joshua specifically asked him to invite Michael Jackson to Nigeria for healing, warning that the world King of Pop might die on June 25, 2009 if he didn’t take care of himself spiritually. In an interview with VINCENT KALU, Tee Mac also came down hard on the founder of Household of God Church, Pastor Chris Okotie, for allegedly mocking the deceased by describing him as the ‘Wizard of Endor,”

You were very close to the late General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T. B. Joshua. What were your experiences with him?

I have been a close friend of T. B. Joshua since his early days. I met him at his old synagogue and was so impressed by his humble ways, his humble dressing. He used to treat me like a big star. I usually told him that I was impressed by what he was doing for mankind. This developed into a very big friendship. You may remember the year the World Heavyweight wrestler, Ultimate Commander won his title. Then, 20 world-class wrestlers were coming here and they were stranded at the airport and there was no logistics. At the time, I had met Ultimate Commander at Synagogue. So I called T.B. Joshua. He immediately sent a bus and cars to pick them up, lodged them in beautiful rooms at the Synagogue. He held an emergency meeting and allocated N2 million to renovate the Indoor Sports Hall of the National Stadium, paid the rent, and a few days later we had the fight that saw Ultimate Commander becoming the world champion. Because there was no time for publicity, of course not much money was made. He paid out of his pocket to some wrestlers. Some got $5,000, the famous ones $10,000, and the opponent to Ultimate Commander $20,000. He said the image of Nigeria would not be destroyed abroad. Then, we became real friends and I was regular at services. Every musician, any actor, anybody who had a health problem, I would bring to him for healing and they were healed. I worshipped regularly at the Synagogue when in Nigeria for 12 years.

Last Friday, the night before his death, I sent a message to the Synagogue that, next week I would come. Because on June 12, I always spent time with the prophet, just to hear on Sunday morning that he had joined the Lord. I went to see his wife, Mrs. Evelyn, on Monday morning to give her my condolences. She was very quiet and all the evangelists and trained pastors and greeted me. I was astonished; Prophet has already prepared for his going. He didn’t just die like that. We should not grieve because he has gone to rest with the Lord.

I used to tell him, ‘Man of God, you have to create time to rest. You are overworking yourself. Three in the morning you are attending to visitors. Seven in the morning you are still attending to people. The same in the afternoon, you have to find time and rest.’ He would say to me: ‘you know this is my calling.’ I personally think that maybe, he burnt himself out. He died at 57 and I’m 73. I taught my life that rule – work hard and rest well, eat healthy food and exercise.

Some years ago, on June 12, I went to greet him as usual. He told me: ‘Please, Tee Mac, tell you friend, Michael Jackson, that he has a sleeping disorder that he should come for healing.’ I told him that it was difficult then as Michael was rehearsing for his show in the UK. But I would call Marlon. He said, ‘Please, take it seriously because he may pass away on the 25th.’ I went and called Marlon and he said: ‘I know T.B. Joshua, but Michael Jackson cannot travel at the moment. And, he is not sick, but I will narrate that to him, if he is through let’s see if he would like to come to Nigeria.’ On that 25th, Marlon called me from America crying that you were right. Put on the CNN, they are carrying the body of Michael out of the house. That was on a Thursday. And, that same Sunday, I went to Synagogue Church. The pictures and video and YouTube with over two million viewers are there. I said to the congregation that when a prophet speaks from now on I would listen more. That was another piece of evidence to me. All those who talk negative things about him should be ashamed of themselves.

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Pastor Chris Okotie said a certain Wizard of Endor who is hailed as Emmanuel, is gone. What do you say to this?

Some years ago when Chris Okotie was saying negative things about T. B. Joshua, I said to him, ‘I’m going with some big boys to teach Okotie some lessons.’ He said: ‘No, Tee Mac. I have forgiven him. You must forgive him too.’ He never responded to any of the hundreds of attacks or criticisms against him by Chris Okotie. I knew Okotie when he was a failed young musician. He has always been a coward, only running his mouth with the vocabulary he gets from the dictionary. He has nothing and he is nothing compared with T. B Joshua. He should shut up and not talk evil of somebody who has passed away. How can someone who claims to be a man of God talk bad about somebody who has died? T. B. Joshua told me about ten years ago to forgive him and I let it go. But today, he has shown that he is a disgrace and he calls himself a pastor.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) also refused to accept him into their folds. Was there anything he was doing differently that wasn’t biblical?

T. B. Joshua never applied to be part of them. He was the most respected and famous pastor in Africa. From Japan, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and other countries, they know his name. There is a lot of jealousy going on in CAN and PFN, and when people are jealous, they become evil. He didn’t need to join them. For what? Does he owe them anything? Yes, he has healing powers; some few of them are nearly on that level. He didn’t think about them. It is pure jealousy. They say he didn’t go to Bible College to study theology; he didn’t go to the university to study theology. As a small child, he started preaching. He memorised the Bible. He had the natural gift of what he was doing. I have met with musicians who like me never went to a music academy, and those naturally talented musicians are successful because it was a gift of God to them. He has that gift of God to heal. I have witnessed healings. I have witnessed miracles, so nobody must tell me any other thing. I’m a member of Eckankar, but I’m a Christian too because T. B. Joshua has shown me what a true Christian is.

What is going to be l be the fate of his church now that he’s gone?

I was with Mrs. Evelyn. The church will continue as it is. He was wise enough to train six of the evangelists to be like him; they healed, they prophesied. He has prepared everything and they will assist Madam and the church will continue to grow exceedingly because the whole world, everyone who is a member and watches Emmanuel TV is in full support that his legacy must continue. And, I’m sure he is in heaven, smiling and praying. The church will survive. In Benin, the popular pastor, Archbishop Benson Idahosa died and the wife took over and the church has continued to grow. Nobody can be another T.B. Joshua, yet his foundation and legacy is there. There are tens of thousands of speeches recorded on Emmanuel TV. He was clever enough to record everything he said on tape during service. They can take all those messages and read and know what to do. He has left a legacy, which is more than enough for the next 50 years. And the foreign nationals will continue to come.

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