Paris terror raid: Two dead, five arrested


Two suspected terrorists holed up in an apartment north of Paris died during a police siege on Wednesday, including a woman who detonated an explosives vest, according to police sources.

Police said one man was also killed and five people arrested in the standoff, which began before dawn and continued more than five hours later. One person remained holed up in the apartment in the northern suburb of Saint-Denis.

At least four police officers were injured in the operation targeting Belgian jihadist Abdul Hamid Aba Oud, believed to be the mastermind of the attacks in Paris on Friday that killed 129.

Police have blocked off the area around Place Jean Jaures in Saint Denis, just north of Paris.

French authorities have said they are searching for at least two people involved in last Friday’s deadly attacks. Ambulances can be seen and sirens heard in French television footage from the scene.

There was a ninth man involved in Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris, the media reported citing investigators.

Trade Club

The investigators believe there were nine terrorists involved in the attacks, the report said.

The investigation conducted by the Anti-Terrorism Sub Directorate (SDAT), the Criminal Brigade of Paris and The General Directorate for Internal Security is going on, Xinhua reported.

“A third man was on board” the vehicle which was used to conduct bloodshed on cafe terraces in the 10th and 11th district of Paris, a police source said.

“Investigators are now certain after viewing CCTV tapes. The vehicle was found on Sunday night, abandoned with three Kalashnikovs on board,” the report said.

The investigators also made progress in tracing the Syrian passport found next to the stadium Stade de France attacker with the name Ahmad al Mohammad, who was killed several month ago as a former soldier of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, the report said. The fingerprints of the suicide bomber matched those collected during a check in Greece in October 2015.


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