Bauchi Governor, Deputy, Others Take Moment Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine


Bauchi Province Governor, Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, on Saturday took the moment dose of the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine at a case at the Regime House to flag off the moment circular of the vaccination in the province.

The province Deputy Governor, Baba Tella, the governor’s married woman, Hajiya Aisha Bala Mohammed, members of the provincial executive council as good as other top regime officials also received the moment dose of the vaccine.

Speaking after beingness vaccinated, Governor Mohammed said he was convinced with the level of coverage during the first off circular of vaccination, noting that the level of coverage was fascinating.

The governor said he was impressed with people’s turn out to acquire the vaccine, coupled with the statistics of coverage.

He, notwithstanding, expressed displeasure with the lukewarm mental attitude exhibited by the province’s Christian community to the COVID-19 vaccination exercise.

Piece saying that he was surprised by the community’s mental attitude, Governor Mohammed warned that without being vaccinated, they would not be allowed to go on a holy pilgrimage to the State of Israel.

“Though the population of the Christian community is not huge in the province, they are dear to me because they comprised the most votes that brought us to powerfulness in 2019.

“I am appealing to them to come up over and permit us to discuss the way forward. I don’t want them to blame me whether they are denied a journeying to perform devout obligations.

As the most learned and enlightened grouping in the province, I am surprised with the turnout of cases from the Christian community. We will engage them to know what the job is,” the governor said.

He and then urged the Federal Regime to carry province governments along in the procurement of the vaccines, noting that the provincial governments are to a greater extent accessible to the people.

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Governor Mohammed expressed appreciation to traditional rulers in the province as well as the Council of Ulama for cooperating with the province regime in achieving the success of the first off stage of the vaccination.

He, notwithstanding, called on them to come up out for the moment stage, submitting that, “it is the moment stage that will create the vaccine finish and effective.”

Meanwhile, the province Commissioner for Health, Dr Aliyu Maigoro Mohammed, informed that a total of 47,290 people were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine in the first off stage of vaccination in the province.

The commissioner who gave an update on the first the stage of the COVID-19 vaccination in the province said the number vaccinated represented 84% of the targeted population of frontline wellness workers, regime officials, traditional and devout leaders.

He said the coverage was really important as the targeted audience turned out to get the first off dose of the vaccine across the province.

Dr Mohammed, notwithstanding, lamented there was a poor and discouraging response to the vaccination exercise in the Northern zone of the province, peculiarly in Katagum Local Regime Area.

He said there was the demand to sensitise the people of the zone to overcome the challenge from the area.

Speaking on the efficacy of the vaccine, the commissioner submitted that research had shown that after the moment dose, each private would be well fortified against being infected by the Coronavirus.

The commissioner assured that everyone who takes the 2 doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine should not fearfulness being infected, adding, notwithstanding, that everyone should keep observing the established COVID-19 protocols, including regular manus washing, the exercise of sanitizer, maintaining social distancing, amid other measures.

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