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Why Peter Obi Or Sowore Would Have Done Better Than Tinubu – Daddy Freeze

Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze, has asserted that a younger president like Peter Obi or Omoyele Sowore would have done better than the current government of Bola Tinubu.

It has been reported that Daddy Freeze, while addressing his followers via an Instagram post titled “Nigeria is in trouble”, revealed he supported the Africa Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore, in the last election while most youths supported Peter Obi, of the Labour Party (LP).

He also stated that Peter Obi or Sowore wouldn’t have done anything different from what President Tinubu is currently doing but they would have gained the confidence of youths in the Diaspora who would want to invest in the Nigerian economy.

Daddy Freeze said this would have served as anaesthesia while the economic surge is ongoing. However, such confidence is lacking in President Tinubu’s government.


He said, “I supported Omoyele Sowore and I know a lot of youths supported Peter Obi, they probably would have to do the same thing that this government is doing, the only difference is that they would have served as the anaesthesia while this economic surge is going on. The youths were more connected to people like Peter Obi and what did they stand to gain from him? they would believe that whatever he is doing is in their best interest.

The suffering might not have been anyway better, the only thing I believe is that a younger president like Omoyele Sowore or Peter Obi will gain the confidence of Nigerians in Diaspora who want to invest in the country. The confidence many youths would have given Peter Obi or Omoyele Sowore is what is lacking in this government.”





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