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‘We owe Nigerians accountability, trust, transparency’ – Tinubu to cabinet members

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has inaugurated 45 members of his cabinet, cautioning them that they owe Nigerians accountability, trust and transparency in the discharge of their duties.

At the inauguration, which took place at the Presidential Villa Abuja on Monday, Tinubu said being the President at this point in time as the driver of the renewed hope agenda, Nigerians will be queuing behind and expecting to receive the dividends of democracy.

He congratulated the ministerial appointees, saying he personally picked them to help him run the affairs of his administration, but that they will be closely monitored to deliver on their mandates.

Tinubu’s words, “in line with the constitutional obligations, the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has screened and confirmed 45 ministers who will superintend over the ministries of federal government in this administration of renewed hope.

The men and women who have been sworn-in have been carefully selected by me for their track record of excellence and achievement in the public and private sector.

They reflect the diversity of Nigeria and bring to their new role an assortment of experience and expertise to help guide the nation’s affairs and also continue to rebuild the nation and re-engineer all our finances and defects, building blocks of Nigeria today and the future.

Fellow Nigerians, the challenges we face today are very daunting. Yet amidst this evident challenge, we have the opportunity to implement long overdue reforms that will improve the operation of government, transform our nation’s economy and ensure peace, safety and prosperity for our people.

These are the objectives that underpin the renewed hope agenda. And these are the objectives that inspired the selection of a lot of these distinguished ladies and gentlemen ministers.

As ministers of the federal republic, you are not minister of a region or minister of a particular state.

Since my inauguration on May 29, I have taken steps to begin implementing the agenda from which I campaigned and for which I received the mandate of the Nigerian people. With the inauguration of ministers today, we are about to accelerate our governing efforts to move forward, highlighting our best aspiration for Nigerians. It is all about a great team. And I believe we have them here.

It is the highest honour to be chosen to serve as the minister in the Federal Executive Council of our beloved Republic. With such high honour comes tremendous responsibility.


All of you who have been sworn in have been called to distinguish yourselves. It is me who knows you. I delegate this authority but the greatest number of Nigerians are highly expecting delivery, accountability and transparency.

I expect that you will serve with integrity, dignity and deliver. I will hold you to that standard we all promised Nigerians.

Your assignment begins immediately. As your country honours you today, by this call to service, you must each work to make yourself worthy in the eyes of God and all our nation’s people.

“I believe in you that the government can be a positive force for transformation and a vehicle for collective progress of this country.

I congratulate you and welcome you to the administration of renewed hope.

I wish you success in this new assignment. We are on this boat even if it is a vehicle and I am the driver. The entire Nigerians are behind sitting and watching as you and I navigate this vehicle.

We must hold each other responsible. We have to do the job to meet the expectations of all Nigerians.

As I said earlier on, you are not a minister of a particular state, colony, region or ethnic nationality, you are a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. God be with you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Thank you very much”.




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