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Femi Fani-Kayode: 5G, God’s Generals And The Hordes Of Mordor

I commend Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, whom I have never spoken to or met, for courageously speaking the truth to our nation and to his flock concerning unfolding events in the world.

If others do not understand, appreciate or accept his message and submissions that is entirely their problem and not his.

Thankfully yours truly, together with millions of others from all over the world, most certainly do.

The truth is that there are very few real men of God and genuine Evangelical and Pentecostal Christian Pastors that will disagree with him but I guess there are some who have a different agenda, who wish to play to the public gallery and who have decided to walk the easy path by denying the obvious.

If you do not understand what is happening in the world today please read more widely and do more research. The Bible says “knowledge is power”.

Do not limit yourself to your imperfect understanding or faulty interpretation of the scriptures. As a matter of fact do not limit your knowledge to the scriptures alone. Read more and read widely and the light of knowledge will guide you and lead you on the path of truth.

Needless to say there is far more to all that is going on in the world today than meets the eye.

You are not spreading fear by speaking truth no matter how bitter that truth may be. Truth brings light, hope, understanding and ultimately freedom from ignorance and bondage: it does not bring fear.

If you cannot understand what is happening then hold your peace and don’t condemn others that are trying to explain it as best as they can.

You may disagree with them but do not insult or condemn them because no-one sees or knows it all. We only see in part.

What is totally unacceptable though is for you to deny the whole concept of the “end-times” and act as if that process has not begun. Even the unbelievers recognise the veracity of this bitter truth and even they know that the world is on the threshold of something different and new.

As far as I am aware no-one, including Oyakhilome, has said that the end of the world has come or that the Anti-Christ has already arrived or that he would arrive anytime soon.

My own view is that we still have a very long way to go before that calamitous event occurs but that does not mean that the world is not preparing for it or that satan is not doing his best through his agents and kingdom to effect it.

That does not mean that there is not an evil force that is operating in the world and that is co-ordinating events in a well-organised, purposeful and systematic manner in order to implement and establish his evil purpose and will.

To deny that would mean denying the Holy Bible itself. Such a view would fly in the face of 5000 years of Judeo-Christian preaching, teaching and philosophy.

Most important of all is to recognise that no-one has denied the fact that our Lord and Saviour will make a way for His own and deliver them through the great event known as the “Rapture” before His final and dramatic return.

To suggest that the Bible is a lie and that the end-times are not an issue that we should discuss or be concerned about appears to me to be nothing but, at best, an attempt to be politically correct and, at worse, a shameless display of cowardice and ignorance.

Say or think what you like about Covid 19, 5G, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the Corona vaccine, the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Pope, the Deep State, Artificial Intelligence, the Bilderburg Group, the Bohemian Grove, the One World Religion or the One World Economy and believe whatever you will.

It changes absolutely nothing and it cannot bury the truth or stop God’s counsel and plan from unfolding.

Yet to be candid, what is inexplicable and utterly indefensible is for a “man of God” to dismiss the provisions and words of the Holy Bible in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelations as a mere “conspiracy theory”.

You either believe the Word of God or you do not. Scripture cannot be broken and the end-time prophecies shall be fulfilled.

Covid 19 will come and go and so will 5G and all sorts of other things that will be equally disturbing and shocking will come after them.

It is certainly not the end of the world but what we are witnessing is perhaps the beginning of a new era which will eventually lead to a New World Order and the eventual return of our Lord Jesus Christ. That should not bring fear but rather it ought to bring inspiration, confidence, faith and joy.

For any “man of God” to play this down and question the calling and integrity of other men of God for understanding the times and recognising this irrefutable and incontrovertible fact is irresponsible and unacceptable.

If you do not know what is going on, if you do not have the courage of your convictions or if you are incapable of warning your sheep about the perilous times that we are living in and prepare their minds for the obvious challenges that lie ahead then please hold your peace and do not deter others that are clearly being led by the Holy Spirit from doing so.

Do not deny the bitter truth in return for the applause of the world and men and do not seek to undermine or condemn anyone that is courageous enough to speak it.

You are undoubtedly one of the Lord’s end-time generals. I have always liked, looked up to and respected you and for many decades I have followed your teachings and ministry.

You have always inspired me and millions of others all over the world with your commitment to the gospel and your courage and diligence.

Despite the fact that I believe that you erred badly on this matter my admiration for and reverence of you remains intact. You are a great servant of the Most High God and I would never lose sight of that fact even if I believe that you may have got things wrong on this occasion.

Out of respect for your calling, your ministry and your revered office I have refrained from mentioning or writing your name in this contribution but you know who you are.

You also know that despite all I will always love you and wish you well.

At this juncture permit me to echo the question that a young and evidently wise Facebook friend of mine, Mr. Ogbolu Stephen, asked on his Facebook wall. He asked,

“Did the disciples bash or mock themselves for what they preached? Why will Pastors be doing so now?”

You will agree with me that Stephen has asked a pertinent and profound question. After all when Peter, the greatest of the Lord’s disciples, rebuked Paul, the greatest of all the Apostles, he did not insult him, seek to undermine his credibility or seek to destroy his ministry.

When a well-accomplished, much-loved, great and highly respected leader of the Body of Christ and one of God’s end-time generals such as you seeks to admonish or correct another such as Oyakhilome this must be done with restraint, dignity, respect and decorum lest the unbelievers use it as an opportunity to mock, ridicule, confuse and divide our ranks and the flock.


Yet if the truth must be told, to publicly endorse and support the deployment of 5G when every single serious and credible man and woman of God that I know and that I have spoken to from ALL over the world has privately expressed grave concerns and reservations about its implications for humanity, its likely effect on the health of human beings and the environment and its it’s obvious relevance to the end-time prophecies, is dangerous and reckless.


It also raises serious and profound questions about your motivations, your motives and your objectives which I choose not to go into here.

You say that “pandemics come and go” yet you never bothered to find out what the real causes of the three major pandemics that took place in the world over the last 150 years were and what their link was to what you described as “major technological advancement”.

For example are you are aware of what really caused the horrendous “Spanish flu” pandemic in 1918 and do you know that it had nothing to do with the Spanish people or Spain but everything to do with the massive and unprecedented doses of radiation that was pumped into the world’s atmosphere as a consequence of the then newly-adopted system of radio waves and radio frequencies?

50 million people died as a consequence of the implementation of that “major technological advancement” and the Spanish flu which came as a consequence of it.

Is it not worth finding out what actually caused their deaths rather than dismiss it as just another pandemic with flu-like symptoms? Do we not owe the dead, and indeed the living, that much?

The same goes for the two other major pandemics that took place over the last 150 years. I urge and challenge you to do the research rather than condemn and seek to discredit those that have taken the pains to do it for you.

You sir can do far better than that and those of us that have always loved and respected you expect and demand far more and far better from you.

I urge you to remember that the Living God whom we live for and serve specifically and clearly warned us about the gradual unfolding of the strange and difficult times that we are witnessing today in the Holy Bible and that He went to great pains to describe them vividly through His servant John who, by the blessed and divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, wrote the Book of Revelations on the island of Patmos 2000 years ago!

The Lord did this to prepare our minds for what was to come so that we would not be taken by surprise or be frightened by what is clearly bigger than us and far beyond us.

His word and His assurance of an expected end and His great and triumphant return at the end of the time of “Tribulation” is our life-line and our hope: it is our strength, our sword, our shield and our glory. I urge you not to lose sight of this. I implore you not to forget or dismiss the words and visions of John.

I beg you in the name of all that is holy and that you hold dear not to encourage and mislead others into ignoring the scriptures and taking a fatal bite out of the poisonous fruit of the forbidden tree and out of the evil apple of the modern-day “Tree of Knowledge” because it leads to nothing but death and destruction.

Worse of all is the fact that if you insist on doing so the Lord will hold you accountable and responsible for misleading His sheep and putting their safety and souls in jeopardy and peril.

The Church is already on the ropes in the world today and this is not the time to expose your fellow clerics, pastoral colleagues and co-believers to public ridicule and national opprobrium. This is not the time to stand in agreement with the hordes of Mordor, the sons of perdition, the daughters of Belial and the seed of satan.

This is not the time to endorse the Luciferean intrigues, cunning deceptions, malevolent machinations, deadly snares and evil mendacities of those that are clearly from the pit of hell and that serve the Morning Star, the Son of the Dawn and the Whispering Serpent.

Permit me to conclude this contribution with the following.

You glibllly asked why it is that “if 5G is the cause of coronavirus why is it not in his (Oyakhilome’s) village where there is no 5G?”

I shall do you the honor of answering your question with another. Is it written anywhere that what is clearly a man-made virus which may have been designed to be a biological weapon and which likely emerged from a secret laboratory in Wuhan, China after the full deployment of 5G in that city, cannot and will not spread like wild-fire to areas of the world where 5G has not been deployed, established or made operational?

Your question appears to me to be too basic and simplistic for a man of your knowledge and understanding. It dimisinshes you to no end.

The creation and release of this particular virus was designed to act as a smokescreen for an even greater and more sinister cause and agenda and that cause and agenda is the introduction of what will be an utterly deadly vaccine and the establishment of what will be a modern and technologically-advanced new 5th generation communication system with its heavy package and load of deadly and destructive radiation.

These secret modern-day tools of destruction are not designed to remain in the place that they were manufactured. They are designed to spread like the plague throughout the entire world in order to pave the way and justify the implementation of a greater evil that is to come.

Is this bitter truth so implausible and inconceivable to you? Have you no idea how deep, profound and cunning satan is in his ways and devices?

Quite apart from that the coronavirus is spread by human beings and human contact whilst the death and poison that 5G causes as a consequence of its direct application and usage will come only after it is fully deployed in various parts of the world.

It is at that point that you will see birds drop out of the sky, trees and grass dying, fish floating and human beings dropping dead like flies. And of course they will tell you that the only answer for this strange and inexplicable phenomenon is Bill Gates’ long awaited magic vaccine which, sadly, will lead humanity into an even greater abyss and bigger graveyard.

Simply put the coronavirus is merely the light appetiser whilst the establishment and deployment of 5G is the main course and the introduction of the vaccine will be the glorious and resplendent dessert. This indeed is a deadly meal.

Those that created the problem and anticipated humanity’s predictable reaction are now the ones that are providing the remedy and the “solution” to the problem that they created. Isn’t that an irony?

This strategy is known in philosophical circles as the Hegelian dialectic and in layman’s terms it is described as the concept of “problem, reaction, solution”.

It is a highly ruthless and efficient strategy and tactic and it is designed to fool humanity and gain control and domination of the world. It is pertinent to note that its greatest strength and power lies in its cultic and total secrecy.

Those that are behind it will use every power and every tool at their disposal to keep their activities secret and to tarnish and destroy anyone that seeks to expose them.

The objective of the hidden hand of the dark world that is behind all this is to create a massive, transnational global and Orwellian state with a drastically reduced population, a New World Order and a One World Religion which will be run by Artificial Intelligence and presided over by the Anti-Christ and his master satan. That is where this is all heading.

The process is gradual and it may still take another fifty to one hundred years, or perhaps even more, but it shall surely come to pass. It cannot be stopped because it is prophetic.

The hope of the Church and the Believer lies in the Word of God, His promise to shield and deliver His own, the coming “Rapture” and His eventual return as the all-conquering and avenging glorious Messiah.

And whether anyone believes it or not, He SURELY will return because He is full of love and faithful to His word. Shalom.

(Femi Fani-Kayode)




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