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Gas master-plan: SCC produces pipes for NNPC

An Indigenous Nigerian company, SCC, is producing pipes that would be used for laying the pipelines for the actualization of the Federal Government gas master plan for the country.
The production of the pipes by SCC is on behalf of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation.
The production of the pipes by the company will ensure easy access to gas by Nigerians in the country.
The national gas master plan is an initiative of the Federal Government geared toward making gas accessible and affordable to Nigerians.
The pipes production for the actualization of the gas master plan will help the government combat the increasing poverty in the country and create direct employment for Nigerian youths and generally improve the quality of life of the immediate community.
SCC through its factory in Nigeria is known to have directly provided jobs for well over 300 Nigerians, with thousands more indirectly employed.
In addition, the company provides employment to several thousand Nigerians in other ventures of dam, water treatment plants construction, agricultural development and civil engineering projects around Nigeria.
The company has also added value to Nigeria and her economy by effectively transferring technology as Nigerians are carrying out all the key operations of the factory.
The company recently installed a state of the art mill equipped with the latest welding and ultrasonic technology for the manufacturing of helical welded steel pipes at its factory located at Ushafa on the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.
The installation of the state of the art mill is to boost the production capacity to 280,000 tons per annum.
SCC is the only indigenous company in Nigeria with American Petroleum Institute certification that makes it technically competent for pipe production in the country.
The pipe meets the very stringent requirements of use in water, oil and gas industries.
It could be recalled that SCC in 2003 diversified into steel pipe manufacturing in Nigeria and is known to have pioneered pipe manufacturing in the country.
At inception, the factory manufactured the 3m diameter pipes used in the 75 km long Gurara water transfer pipeline.
In demonstration of its  faith in the competence  of the company, the Federal Government has commissioned SCC to supply all the pipes for use in the gas pipelines to be laid across the country.




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