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K-Solo Blames Women For ‘Yahoo’, ‘Hook-Up’ Trends


Nigerian music producer, Solomon Oyeniyi, also known as K-Solo, has attributed the prevalence of internet fraud and online sex marketing in Nigeria to women.
Speaking in a recent interview with Arise TV, the producer claimed that mothers encourage their children to engage in these vices.

K-Solo also claimed that mothers initially helped facilitate ‘Yahoo’ fraud by collecting proceeds from banks.

The producer emphasized that change will occur when mothers, female advocates, and celebrities speak out against these vices and set positive examples for young girls.

He mentioned that celebrities also have a role in negatively influencing the youth.


K-Solo said, “Hook-up in Nigeria is now like ordering food. It’s almost normal. They even defend it by saying it happens abroad. But I think there should be rules guiding it.


A lot is backed from the underground. The people who can help from the home side are the women; the mothers. I’m sorry, but mothers are the biggest disasters. There was a day when my car broke down on the road and I saw a young girl, she should be like 16 or 17, and she was going out. I heard the mother tell her in Yoruba to bring something back. I confronted the mother, asking where her child works because she was dressed so fine and looked too good to be going to the office in that dress. She couldn’t answer.

I looked at the mother and said, ‘By look, I’m older than you. What are you doing at home that you’re telling that poor girl to bring something home?’ Now, let me quickly add this again, when Yahoo started in Nigeria, it was the mothers who were picking up the fraud proceeds from the bank. This shouldn’t sound like I’m talking from a book. It’s what has been happening.

The day mothers and female advocates start speaking against these vices more, there will be a lot of changes. The day female celebrities who flaunt their luxurious lifestyles on the internet come out and let girls know how they hustle on the fields, a lot of young girls will go back to the drawing board.”






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