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Bandit Warlord Dogo Gide Takes Over More Territories In Niger [Full List]


Notorious bandit terrorist warlord, Dogo Gide, has consolidated his hold on some territories as more communities in Niger State pledged their allegiance to him and his group.

News360 Info reports that this is barely a month after some communities in Shiroro local government of Niger State submitted themselves to the rulership of the most dreaded bandits leader.

Communities in the state had last week Thursday held a peace meeting with Gide, following which no fewer than 36 villages declared their loyalty to the group.

The terrorist leader agreed for the communities to re-open three major markets in the area that were shut due to insecurity.

According to Daily Sun, some of the villages that pledged their allegiance to the Bandits leader are Makera, Dnakogbe, Kudodo, Agyeiwi, Zhazhayidna, Pyegbere, Gamdu, Akpaituko, Dnasapa, Dnasa and Goffah, all under Iburo district.

In Kusasu district no fewer than 11 villages, namely Bmukwo, Dnakundna, Saleri, Apaiwi, Kuchiwi, Gwasankasa, Ajatawi, Muaigu, Kuchiwidna, Ubandoma, Anguwan-shahu, Katigbe and Jenuko, while in Kwaki, 14 villages were among those that declared their support for Dogo Jide leadership. They are Mutundaya, Alaiyi-kwaki, Buresidna, Kasayabana, Azhayi, Anguwan-Ayaba, Jidna, Kacheredna, Gbada, Sindnayi, Ajatawi, Goha, Ajayi-Bataro, Danugbayi.


However, in the Chikuba district, 11 villages, namely Affarpi, Dnai, Gyidnai, Kudumidna, Dnaibui, Shapai, Thopoi, Challipai, Yanka, Bodo, Bududna pledged their allegiance to the warlord.


Speaking to the aforementioned platform, a source close to these communities said that three major markets in the area that were shut down and hitherto remained a no-go-area for the people as a result of the banditry activities have been re-opened on the order of the bandit warlord.

He disclosed that the affected markets are the Kusasu market, Iburo market, and Chukuba market.

According to him, “Dogo Gide also told the people that he would be in charge of all the revenue collection in the markets, and the people agreed because they have no choice, at least if that is what will make them live in peace.

He also asked all the communities that fled from their homes as a result of incessant attacks in the areas to return back. He promised them that nobody would attack them henceforth after they agreed with his terms.”

Recall that barely one month ago, about eight communities in the area surrendered themselves to the leadership of the bandit warlord and pledged their loyalty and allegiance to the group.





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