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‘This Is My Fifth And Worst Marriage’ – Mr Ibu Opens Up On Marriage Crisis


Veteran Nollywood actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu has opened up about the crisis rocking his marriage and issues surrounding his adopted daughter, jasmine.

According to him, his marriage to Stellamaris Okoafor is his fifth and the worst, and if anything happens, would be his last.

The comic actor as learnt by Naija News shared the current state of his marriage with The Punch, saying the marriage feels like punishment and wondered if he is still in it.

Mr Ibu disclosed that it seems to him his wife has already made up her mind to leave the marriage and he won’t stop her if eventually, she decides.

He revealed that “This is my final marriage. If this one falls apart, I won’t marry again

This is my fifth and worst marriage because my wife adopted what is not obtainable. This feels like punishment; not marriage. I doubt if I am still in the marriage, because it seems she has already prepared her mind to leave, and I’m not going to stop her.

I support her leaving. Each time I see her, I begin to breathe erratically, and it is not good for me, because I am not ready to die. There are opportunities God exposed me to that are of interest to me.”


It has been reported that barely a week ago that Stellamaris Okoafor cried out for help over issues with a lady identified as Jasmine, claiming to be her husband’s daughter.


Recall that last year Mr Ibu clarified that Jasmine is not her biological daughter, however, the latter, has continued to parade herself on social media and insist the comic actor is her father.

It was gathered that the thespian’s wife, reached out to an Instagram blog as she opens up on the struggle in her marriage and Jasmine’s ploy to sell her husband’s property worth over N65 million.

According to Stella, she has been suffering in her marriage as her husband abandoned her and their children since last year to stay with Jasmine, who is using him for financial gain.

She claimed the lady parading herself as Jasmine Okoafor is Chioma Florence Okekeagukwu, hails from Imo State and is in no way related to her husband who is from Enugu State.

However the actor in his reaction said since the last social media outcry, things have been going on well even though he knew his wife was pretending.

Mr Ibu said “Since the recent incident, she has been so loving. But, I know it is all a pretence just to get my attention. I still show her love, providing money for domestic needs and making sure the family is fine. But, I am very skeptical. I cannot eat her food anymore. For now, I only eat from Jasmine’s kitchen. She cooks a lot, and I like eating.”




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