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Woman Slaps French President Macron In Public, Nigerians React (Video)


Some Nigerians have reacted after French President, Emmanuel Macron, was slapped for the second time since he assumed office.
Recall that in June 2021, a man, identified as Damien Tarel, slapped Macron during a tour in Southern France.

The president was stretching his hands to greet a man in a small crowd of onlookers and rather than receive the handshake, the man, who was dressed in a green T-shirt, glasses, and a face mask, held Macron’s outstretched hand before slapping the left side of his face.

However, a similar event occurred again on Sunday, November 20, 2022, as Macron was slapped by a woman.


This generated several reactions from many Nigerians, expressing their thoughts over the woman’s action.

eyongcarl_official wrote: “In my dear country Cameroon , your own hand will turn and advise you and if u dare insist , that same hand will leave you. By the way , we only see the president on TV”

sazzyjeweller wrote: “If they start treating them like animals now they will say he is a bad president but see what they are doing.. na too much freedom cause am sha”

magazine_boy wrote: “If them do this to buhari.. the person go disappear from the surface of the earth”


nickiyke wrote: “That’s a serious security breach and it sends a terrible signal! French security should do better”


stanalieke wrote: “This man is always entering gbege, I’m even pitying him now, and he seem like a cool headed dude. Chei yeah”

official_edoboy1 wrote: “These white people can’t bear hardship, if na them be Nigerians them for don k1il their president”

geminiduty wrote: “Imagine spending years in prison for slapping a president because you couldn’t hold yourself, If this one come get Bihari as president nkor, na worse crime she go comit be that”

wale_astro wrote: “Can you all see how she quickly open her mask. She obviously want to be famous for a reason. Smh”

consultshrewd wrote: “OMO this lady will face big penalty for this assault”

dr.fem_is_here wrote: “Big Kudos to the guy who holds Macro’s left hand that saved him from a lot unseen problems as a sitting president but dis is totally wrong sha”




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