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2023: Nigerians getting fed up with government, we will all be shocked – Gov Obaseki


Godwin Obaseki, governor of Edo, says Nigeria’s political process is evolving and voting at the next elections will be based on performance.

Obaseki said this on Tuesday at the mid-year retreat organised for commissioners, special advisers, and heads of ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

According to him, citizens are getting “fed up” with non-perfomance of government officials.

“All of you, I’m sure, are watching developments in the country very closely, particularly the evolving political developments,” he said.

“One thing is becoming clear. Nigerians are now getting fed up with government and the people who represent them in government. And you can see that in their reactions on social media and where passions and emotions are headed.

“So, for us as government and representatives of our people, I believe we will be hurting ourselves a lot if we fail to evolve with these changes that are occurring and believe that things are still the same. Government is for the people. We will all be shocked as we are beginning to see.

“People are now beginning to realise that they need to demand a lot more from the people in government and the people who have the responsibility to manage their collective resources. And thank God for technology and what’s happening in the rest of the world; they are going to demand.

“People are going to go out and vote their interests. Let’s not kid ourselves. Nobody, no political party today can thump their chest and say ‘next elections, we will have clear victory’, because people are watching.

“The only reason people will leave their homes to come and vote is because there is a reason for them to. It’s either they’re voting against something or they’re voting for something. If they have not benefited, they are not likely to come out there to even show interest.


“So, we’re shifting from that world view where it was all about talk, hype, creating a myth and trying to justify it in the polls by doing all sorts of magical things. It’s not possible again.

“People will ask: ‘what have you done for us lately? What you promised us, you did not deliver; our road has not been done; look at flood, how it is ravaging us, and you want us to vote for you? You think we are fools?’ That’s how people are going to react.

“And nobody will be spared. So, the politician gets kicked out of office if he doesn’t perform. A new group of people will come in. They will not spare the civil servants either. They’ll put pressure on them.”

He added that in Edo state, there is a clear plan to ensure sustainable development for the people, but expressed reservations over the attitude of some public office holders.

“We are fortunate in Edo that we have laid out the roadmap. We saw this coming and we anticipated it,” he said.

“But the challenge we’re having is that we’re having a lag effect. Many people still don’t believe and they’re not pulling their weight as they should.

“They still think we have time and that things will happen the way they have always done.”




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