Deborah Samuel: Nigerians Drag Aisha Yesufu Over Statement On Lynching


Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu is currently under fire over her statement on the lynching and murder of a Christian student, Deborah Samuel in Sokoto.

Deborah was burnt to death after she had supposedly blasphemed Prophet Muhammad.

Reacting to the dire incident, Yesufu compared those who murdered Deborah to those who also lynch thieves.

She wrote on Twitter: “If you are one of those that lynch thieves just take this moment to know that you and those Sokoto students who killed their fellow student are the same. Hope you use this as a mirror in to your despicable acts. No one has the right in any way whatsoever to kill another. No one!”

However, some netizens disagreed with her on the comparison. Below are some reactions to her tweet.

Chief Yankee: “Why will you compare a thief to a young lady who spoke freely about a religion, Madam I respect you allot but this is not it.”

Uche: “But is this the best time to bring up that topic? Why don’t you address the killings squarely? Except of course you’re sympathetic with the perpetrators of the act.”

Ray D: “Madam, your tweet is confusing ooh…You are comparing a thief to the young lady who was killed at Sokoto..I am confused”

Derrickz Godson: “Whataboutism’ in disguise is what Aisha just did here.

Well done ma’am”


Bami.dele: “What type of hypocritical analogy is this?

Disregarding the fact that no one has the right to kill outside the law, how does it make sense to compare robbery to blasphemy?

One robs or harm people, the other says something about a long gone figure you hold dear.

Na wa o”

Bossville: “This is wrong

Indirectly you’re equating the girl’s offence with that of a thief

Besides what did she do wrong?

Last I checked, a public execution is not the punishment for blasphemy in the Nigerian constitution.”



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