Amotekun Arrests ‘Anini’, ‘Osunbor’, ‘Oyenusi’ Terrorizing Ondo Residents


The Security Network Agency, Amotekun Corps in Ondo State have arrested three notorious robbers who have been terrorizing residents of the state.

The suspects identified as Timilehin Femi, Sunday Ojo, and Matti Lowe, were nicknamed ‘Anini,’ ‘Oyenusi,’ and ‘Monday Osunbor,’ respectively because of their criminal activities.

The suspect confessed to having taken part in more than forty robbery operations while being paraded at the headquarters of Amotekun in Alagbaka, Akure.

Femi also known as ‘Anini,’ while speaking noted that he started robbing when he was 12 years old, adding that his mother, Iyabo Femi, used to give him charms to keep him from being caught.

He said “I used to keep my gun inside the ceiling and sometimes I used to give it to our herbalist to keep. After robbery operations, we used to hand over the stolen goods to the herbalist who will in turn sell them. But we don’t hand over any cash to him. I have participated in about 46 operations.”


Ojo nicknamed ‘Oyenusi’ while speaking noted that he had lost counts of the robbery operations he had been involved in, he said, “I was given the name Oyenusi by people within my neighbourhood.”

Amotekun also apprehended the mother of Ojo, their herbalist, Kehinde Ayodele, as well as the mother of the herbalist.

The Amotekun Commander, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye, while speaking on their arrest said “It is amazing that we have a second-time armed robber who named himself Oyenusi and the first-timer here is a 13-year-old and confessed that has to climb a stool to keep his weapon in the ceiling and he is being empowered by the mother to guarantee that nobody could arrest him.”



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