War: EU Sends €500m In Military Aid To Ukraine


500 million Euros in military aid will be sent to Ukraine to fight war against Russia.

The 27 European Union member states revealed this through top EU Diplomat, Josep Borrell on Wednesday in a statement.

According to AFP, Borrell said it was crucial the EU increased military support for Ukraine as Russia gears up for a new assault in the country’s east as “the next weeks will be decisive”.

It is the third package of military aid the EU has agreed to send to Ukraine to defend itself amid the Russian invasion, totalling 1.5 billion euros worth of military aid availed so far.

The European Union countries decided Wednesday to offer Ukrainian refugees easier access to their currencies, allowing them to exchange hundreds of euros’ worth of their local hryvnia banknotes free of charge.


The European Council said member-state ambassadors had endorsed its recommendation on the conversion of hryvnia banknotes, with the initiative expected to be formally adopted and put into force next Tuesday.

The EU is already offering Ukrainians temporary protective status for up to three years, allowing them to live and work within the bloc and to access housing, schooling and healthcare.



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