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Young lady brutally murdered and her vital body parts harvested in Lagos


A young lady identified as Ann Oshaifi from Delta state was reportedly murdered by a suspected ritualist in Lagos.

Human rights activist, Comrade Israel Joe, who disclosed this via Facebook on Wednesday, April 6, said that Ann was butchered into pieces with her vital parts harvested.

According to Joe, the suspected killer was arrested last month and arraigned in court in Ikeja on Tuesday, April 5.

It was gathered that the deceased was reported missing before her mutilated body was found dumped in a bag. Read the full report below:

The way you were killed and brutally mùrdered broke my heart and every day, I had wished you listened to my advice just a week before your death.

I have never wanted to say Rest in Peace Ann but you have pushed me. You came to my dream this last night and the only thing you told me before walking away was “Israel Joe fight for me please the guy killed me. Before I could exclaim in surprise, you were gone. I was like Tessy, are you alive? What happened to you? You just disappeared.

From the 21st to 23rd of October in 2021, my comrades and I went to the Annual General Conference (AGC) of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) Nigeria which took place at our national secretariat #43 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

The moment I uploaded my location on Facebook, you called my lines that you were also in Ikeja Lagos. You came and participated in the conference as an observer. On the evening of 22nd October, we sat in my hotel to discuss many issues.

I had advised you to return to Warri and manage your shop until there are openings but you told me you sold your shop located at PTI road and want to be based in Lagos before making your papers to log out of Nigeria. I remembered how I resolved the issue you had with the landlady of your shop three years ago.

My friends who were with me including Comrade Daniel Osemudiame Ezewele, Comrade Ceaser Junior and others also joined me in appealing to you to return to Warri.


The next day you called me again if we could hang out but I told you I was at Lekki where we were been hosted by one of our comrades Solomon Egwatu. Just a week after then, our mutual friend here in Warri, Evi Whiskey called me that you were missing. I called the then commissioner of Police Lagos CP Hakeem and tried all contacts I had but to no avail.

When I saw how your body was butchered, cut into pieces with your vital parts harvested, put into a bag, I broke down in tears as your killer was arrested last month.

I can’t look at the pictures twice Ann, but as you said in my dreams, I will fight for you. Yesterday 5th April, the case was heard in Ikeja, Lagos and I hope the Judiciary will not let the i.d.i.o.t guy out off the hook.

It is my conviction that you’re not the first girl this guy has killed and if released will not be the last. I shall move forward shortly to trend his picture on the internet so that Lagos State can know they have a ritualist next door.

It is also my believe that anyone who engages in the business of killing and selling of vital parts of human beings has no business being alive.

He is wealthy because of the business he does but trust you were the light of your family and he has dimmed that light and even put it off. I will get myself set, and hire more lawyers to join the prosecution team.

I will fight for you dear and be in Lagos on the next court day. I remembered how you kept me in your house for three days when I was being trailed for assassination just three years ago. You were a friend anyone would pray to have. Trust I will fight for you as you have said Ann Oshaifi Rest in Peace dearest.




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