Boyfriend Kills Girilfriend, Dumps Her Body In Acid Filled Bathtub


A 20-year-old man, Meraj Zafar has been accused of killing his 19-year-old girlfriend, Arnima and dumping her body in a bathtub filled with acid.

According to Dailymail, the shattered mother of alleged murder victim Arnima Hayat collapsed by the graveside as she said her last goodbye to her beautiful daughter.

Before her death, Arnima was studying to become a doctor.

Her injuries were so bad and her remains allegedly so destroyed that the family could not give her a traditional Bangladeshi funeral.

Families would normally let mourners see the face of the dead before burial to allow them to say their farewells.

Instead, Arnima’s remains were wrapped in blue cloth and a white shroud to be viewed and touched by her family members at the ritual on Tuesday morning.

The grief was too much to bear for her mother when she saw her daughter’s remains removed from the green coffin – swathed in a black cloth embroidered in gold – and placed in the grave, according to Islamic tradition.

Mourners struggled to hold her up as she became hysterical with anguish when dirt was then poured back into the grave, covering her child’s remains for the last time.


She collapsed to her knees in grief and had to be helped away.

Arnima’s uncle Abu Saleh told around 60 mourners: ‘We farewell our beautiful daughter, forever to live in our hearts.

‘I ask everyone to keep her in your prayers. I hope she can get some peace.’

Daily Mail Australia was invited by the teenager’s family to join them as they made an emotional final farewell to Arnima, 19, at Sydney’s Rockwood Cemetery.

The family said they wanted Daily Mail Australia to witness their grief and report it to the nation as part of their traditional way of honouring Arnima and her life.
Mourners arrived at the Lebanese Muslim Association funeral home next to Lakemba Mosque for prayers and the Islamic ritual purification of Arnima’s remains.



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