TRENDING VIDEO: Police officer assaults woman, threatens to shoot her


The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) says it has apprehended police officers assaulting a woman in a viral video.

In the video, which trended on Friday, the police officer carrying a rifle assaulted the woman and fired a shot to scare her.

“You dey mad, I be your mate, I will kill you,” the police officer, in pidgin English, while trying to slap the woman.

A man behind the scene warned the police officer not to assault the woman, asking other officers not to ignore the action of their colleague.


Here is the video of the incident:

In a statement released on Friday, the police said Jude Ogudu, a sergeant and four other officers seen in the viral video had been arrested.

The police added that the five officers are currently held in detention of the Edo police command criminal investigation department (CID) while the case is being investigated.

Ogudu appeared to be the police officer seen in the viral video assaulting the woman.



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