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National Assembly: Those calling us names will tomorrow write good things about us – Senate President, Ahmed Lawan


Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, has said that the majority of Nigerians would write good commentaries about the 9th National Assembly and what they achieved when they leave office in 2023.

Lawan said this at the event of his 63rd birthday celebration in Abuja on Wednesday, January 12. Reacting to claims that the ninth assembly has become a rubber stamp for the president, Lawan said:

“We believe that there is a price to pay for anything, but we are patriotic. Let us be called any name, what we want to do and achieve is for our country to be better. Tomorrow, some of these people that are calling us all types of names will be writing very good commentaries about what we have been able to achieve in this ninth National Assembly.

The majority of Nigerians are happy with what we are doing, we are not perfect, we make our errors, and we will correct them.

We identify with our citizens, but we will always do what is in the best interest of our country.” he said

On the rising debt profile of Nigerians, Lawan said;


“Nobody likes taking loans, borrowing or accumulating debts, whether as an individual, a family, a community or as a country. But what can you do when you’re not able to generate enough? We are as concerned as anybody else about our level of borrowing, even though we have not saturated, but if we can do better, why not reduce, and the best way to reduce is to get more revenues from especially independent sources.

The government-owned enterprises are supposed to give us more money. In 2022, we are expecting maybe about a trillion, I’m not an economist, but I believe that we should be expecting maybe double or triple from them.

We must support them, we must supervise them, and we must keep them on their toes for us to have more revenues in other to reduce the level of borrowing”.




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