Immigration Consultant Reveals How Nigerians Can Get Canadian Visa


Canadian Commissioner for Oath, Angela Ogundele has exposed some of the reasons why many Nigerians seeking Canadian Visas are denied their applications.

She identified these reasons to include inconsistency in the field of study, poor proofs of tie to home country, random cash deposits to the bank account as well as weak employment status.

The licensed immigration consultant, who disclosed this during the virtue launch of her citizenship service, said it is important to stick to one’s previous field of study if seeking to study in Canada.

According to her: “You can come into Canada either as a student, a worker or business personnel.

“If coming as a student, stick to whatever field you have been in before. If you were in the arts, it is better to apply for an art programme.


“Also, if you wish to come along with your family on a student visa, it is advisable you seek to secure your own visa first before applying for that of your family members.

“Otherwise, it will be assumed you are trying to immigrate with your family and not study.

“If you desire to come in as a worker, find an employer to hire you or come in on a provisional nomination.

“As a business person, you can buy a business for between $250,000 to 350,000; but you must hire a Canadian for at least the first one year,” Ogundele said.



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