Motivational speaker, Ubong King dies age 48


A popular Nigerian motivational speaker, Ubong King, is dead.

The entrepreneur who hails from Akwa Ibom State was said to have died of COVID-19 complications in Lagos on Saturday, not long after he contracted the killer virus. He was 48 years old.

His wife, Unyime, confirmed the report of Mr King’s passing in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“This is an open post to everyone just to respond to all who have tried to reach me that I’m unable to respond to because of the volumes of calls coming in.

“I will be unavailable for a while after this post so my children and I can process in private.

“All I want to say right now is that my everlasting date Ubong King has completed the short 48 years assignment that our Lord asked him to do and he’s at peace now,” Mrs King said in the post.

Mrs King said she needed some private moment with the kids, and, therefore, would not be available to respond to calls.

“I need to keep my mind strong so love me from a distance and pray for us all,” she said. “I can’t do RIP yet – maybe later. But the family and I are stable and God is in our corner.”

The late Mr King, who ran a flourishing security consultancy firm, spent most of his time visiting various Nigerian cities for speaking engagements to motivate young Nigerians.

He often talked about how as a teenager he lost his father and how he struggled against poverty to accomplish a lot in life.

“Two things changed my life totally. One was time, and two was target. Once I put my time on the ground and my target, I look like a mad man. A man with a vision is a mad man until the vision comes to pass. I am hungry to win,” the late Mr King said in one of his public speaking classes.

“Once you put time on any project, time on any assignment, time on anything, it changes who your friends are, it changes who you talk to, it changes where you go. If your friends are the same ones you have five years ago till today that means you have not made progress,” he added.


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