Deeper Life High School responds after a student alleged he was abused in the school in a viral video


Deeper Life High School has responded to allegations that a JSS 1 student was molested in the Akwa Ibom branch of the school.

In a viral video, a mother interviewed her son who returned home from school and he opened up about some of the abuses he was allegedly subjected to.

He alleged that he was forced to starve for days, beaten for bedwetting, and also sent to a hostel for senior students where he was also abused. (read here).

Deeper Life High School management has now responded. In a statement, the school ‘s management said such is not tolerated in the institution and investigation is ongoing.

They added that once investigation is over, anyone found culpable in the abuse of the child -student or teacher – “will not be spared”.

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They added that in the meantime, “the school principal has been suspended summarily”.

See a copy of the school’s statement below:

Source: LindaIkeji Blog


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