‘Whose idea is Boko Haram?’ – Al-Mustapha


Major Hamza al-Mustapha, Chief Security Officer to Gen Sani Abacha, the late former Head of State, says the continued operations of Boko Haram in Nigeria raises pertinent questions that have remained unanswered.

He spoke during a lecture at an event held at the Command Guest House, Kaduna over the weekend.

The retired soldier said those fighting Boko Haram insurgency in the country do not know the history of the menace, noting that it dated back exactly 20 years and three days.

However, he said those managing security in the country have surprisingly said that it was seven years and eleven years old respectively.

Al-Mustapha further said that those responsible for managing the menace have lost track of data of casualties.

“I am dumbfounded that those who claimed to be managing insurgency in the country cannot answer the questions I raised pertaining to: How old is Boko Haram in Nigeria? Who started it? Where are they getting their supplies and reinforcement?

“Of what benefits is it for them to attack the North-Eastern part of the country and go back freely? Whose idea is Boko Haram? Does it cost more to manage a conventional military or does it cost more to manage insurgency? These are questions that must be answered,” Al-Mustapha stated.

He urged those responsible for the nation’s security to maintain high level of patriotism in order to engender unity needed for nation building.

“They are killing people in their hundreds in the day and thousands by the week and yet, it is nothing but a normal routine or choruses, we have lost data as to when they came and where they came from. To me this is disturbing,” Al-Mustapha said.


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