Biden appoints nine to White House positions


US President-elect Joe Biden declared Tuesday he has designated nine close campaign associates to key White House positions as he fleshes out a different administration group not exactly seven days in the wake of naming his head of staff.

“America faces incredible difficulties, and they bring assorted points of view and a common promise to handling these difficulties and arising on the opposite side a more grounded, more joined country,” Biden said in an assertion.

The new nominees — a portion of the first among hundreds that Biden will name to the White House in the coming months — incorporate his 2020 mission director Jen O’Malley Dillon being named vice president of staff.

The 44-year-old will serve under White House head of staff Ron Klain, whom Biden delegated a week ago.

A veteran of seven presidential campaigns, O’Malley Dillon served as deputy campaign manager for Barack Obama’s successful 2012 reelection effort.

Campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond, a House Democrat from Louisiana, was named senior advisor to the president.

The African-American lawmaker, 47, will leave his seat in Congress to take his White House job when Biden is inaugurated on January 20.

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Biden also named Mike Donilon, a chief strategist for his campaign and a veteran Democratic tactician, to serve as senior advisor to the president.

“The team we have already started to assemble will enable us to meet the challenges facing our country on day one,” Klain said in the statement.

Other appointments include the chief of staff and senior advisor to incoming First Lady Jill Biden, a counsel to the president and a director of Oval Office operations.

The appointments come as President Donald Trump continues to challenge the results of the November 3 election and refuses to concede the race to Biden, and as his administration has declined to formally cooperate with Biden’s transition team.



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