I’m honored you choose me, Biden thanks Americans


Democrat candidate, Joe Biden, has expressed gratitude toward Americans for the honor to “lead our extraordinary nation”.

An energized Biden tweeted on Saturday night (Nigerian time), saying he will be president for all Americans.

He expressed, “America, I’m regarded that you have picked me to lead our extraordinary nation.

“The work in front of us will be hard, however I guarantee you this: I will be a President for all Americans — if you decided in favor of me.

“I will keep the confidence that you have set in me.”

Significant global and US-put together TV networks extended with respect to Saturday that the Democrat has prevailed upon the US administration Donald Trump, a triumph fixed after the Democrat asserted a few important milestone states won by the Republican officeholder in 2016.

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Checks by The PUNCH showed that CNN, NBC News, CBS News, BBC and Al Jazeera, amongst others, called the race in Biden’s favour, after projecting he had won the decisive state of Pennsylvania.

The media platforms reported that Biden beat Trump with a projected 284 electoral college votes to emerge the 46th president of the United States.

Biden, 77, is the oldest candidate ever elected to the White House. Trump, 74, has made as yet unsubstantiated claims of massive voter fraud, and his campaign has launched legal challenges in several states.

Biden spent eight years as vice president to Barack Obama. His victory comes in his third run for the nation’s highest office.

Source: PUNCH Newspaper


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