Covid-19: corona-virus cases globally hit 30 million milestone


The global coronavirus cases topped the 30 million mark on Thursday morning, reinforcing expert suggestions that the world may be locked in a grim marathon with the virus.

The global cases reached 10 million on June 28 and 20 million on 10 August.

Now, it has added another 10 million, to become 30,056,880, according to

Significantly, the virus took about six weeks to canter in between the two milestones of 20 and 30 million.

The number of fatalities also reached 945,499 as at Thursday.

But the good news is that recovery rate is also growing, indicating the world is understanding how to tame the deadly virus, as the frenetic search for vaccine continues.

According to worldometers data, 21,818,259 infected people have recovered from the virus by Thursday.

The United States remains the grim capital of the world with 6,828,301 cumulative infections and over 200,000 deaths.

It is followed by India with 5,118,253 cases and 83,230 deaths.

Brazil, the third worst affected country has recorded 4,421,686 cases and 134,000 deaths.


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