I once pimped ladies to Pastors for sex – Cossy Orjiakor


Actress and popular Nigerian socialite Cossy Orjiakor has revealed that she once pimped girls to Pastors in the past.

She made the shocking revelation during an interview with Punch. She stated no one was perfect and even the revered pastors are not as holy as people think.

She narrated how she became a supplier to a popular clergymen who have large congregation. However, Cossy refused to expose the Pastors’ identities in order to save their image.

“Don’t think that your sin is too much and you won’t make heaven. Nobody is perfect. Pastors lead extravagant lives and even travel abroad to ‘carry’ girls. I used to supply ladies to one of those pastors. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know he was a ‘man of God’. His church is very big and he has a large congregation.”

“Also, a reverend father once pressed my breasts and gave me church money. People should know that God is always willing to forgive because nobody is holy. I’m an evangelist and I’m true to myself. If one is true to oneself, it means that one would be saved by grace. I am an Anglican person. I go to church in my hometown.”


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