CAN raises alarm over influx of strange faces in South-East


The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in South-East has raised an alarm over an alleged influx of strange faces in the zone. 

In a statement signed by its Chairman and Secretary, Bishop Goddy Okafor, and Dr S.C. Nwokolo, the Christian group commended South-East governors over the swift move to address the activities of killer herdsmen in the region and also called for the expulsion of strange faces from the zone.

“All the people without identity, who are flooding the zone, should be stopped by immigration and other law enforcement agencies.

“Also, suspected foreign herders and the killer herdsmen are asked to leave the zone immediately. Most of such foreign and killer herders have been identified in some parts of the zone”.

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It maintained its stand against RUGA, saying, “RUGA should be totally abolished. To this effect, we condemn the inciting statements made by the President of the Miyetti Allah asking for RUGA in all the states; else there won’t be peace in the country.

“CAN is calling for his arrest, as comments credited to him have always been inciting. Let him be tried by a competent court of law.”


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