Nigerian who vandalised diplomats’ cars in London was convicted for attacking a MacDonald staff in 2017


A tweet from Hackney Police UK shows that Jeffrey Ewohime, the Nigerian man who destroyed 5 cars at theNigerian High Commission office in the United Kingdom yesterday June 17th, was convicted for assaulting a staff of McDonalds in 2017.

According to the tweet dated January 27th 2017, Jeffrey, 32, was convicted for throwing food on the face of a staff of McDonalds. The tweet reads

Trade Club

”Jeffrey Ewohime, 29yrs, convicted of common assault after throwing food in a staff member’s face at McDonalds, Dalston after an argument. He also hit the staff member. Sentenced to a community order, required to pay £80 compensation, given a curfew & banned from the McDonalds.


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