I was never a member of Fela’s band- Yeni Kuti


Yeni Kuti, daughter of the legendary musician, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has stated that she is happy dancers are now respected. Yeni noted that she was never a member of her father’s band, contrary to what many believe.

According to the energetic dancer: “I am very proud of where dancers have reached today. Back then, when you said you were a dancer, people looked down on you. But today, we have collectively worked to show that dancers deserve their place in society. I am really proud of where dancers are today.

“I was never a member of Fela’s band. I was a foundation member of Femi’s band. I still choreograph and train the dancers. One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is that hard work pays,” she said.

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On how age has slowed her down, she said: “I am glad that people think I’m energetic, though I have slowed down considerably. With age comes aches and pains in different places. However, I wouldn’t trade my age for anything. Age is accompanied by experience, knowledge and the joy of being alive.” 


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