Nigerians set to take over Abuja lightrail from Chinese


The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has commenced series of intensive technical training for staff who are integral part of Abuja Rail Mass Transit (ARMT) operations team.

The training is part of the arrangements for full take -over of the management of the ARMT otherwise known as Abuja Lightrail, when the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) currently jointly managing it exits the system in the next two and half years.

Speaking at the opening of the training in Idu on Monday, Assistant Director, Engr. Mustapha Mallumbi, FCT Transportation Secretariat, said the essence of the training was for members of the FCT Rail operations staff to boost their knowledge base of the system.

Mallumbi added that the training organised by CCECC will improve the safety of the rail system and patronage.

He disclosed that according to the plan, in the next two and half years to come, ARMT system, designed to cover the entire FCT and environs, which is over two hundred and thirty plus kilo meters, spread into six lots, will fully be in the hands of the locals.

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“So far, what we have done is only lot 1A, Lot 3 that’s about 45km, which covers the city centre through Idu to Airport; and from Idu to Kubwa,” he stressed.

Deputy General Manager, Rail Operations Department, CCECC Nigeria Ltd, Tom Tang, said the training was core part of the arrangements for the technical transfer of ARMT operations and management to the local staff, to let them master all the necessary skills and knowledge to completely manage it.

He said after the training which will last for three months, more will follow.

According to him: “We have a lot of equipment in the system which the local staff needed to know how to operate and manage effectively.”


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