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I don’t use ‘juju’ to track criminals – ACP Abba Kyari opens up on arrest of Evans

ACP Abba Kyari, a Kanuri, is a quintessential crime buster, a cop who puts the fear of God in criminals; an officer of the law who restored public confidence in police’s ability to crack criminal cases.

Proficiency and hard work earned him the reputation of a ‘first-class crime buster.’ He has to his credit a long list of solved high-profile criminal cases, including the recent clampdown on acclaimed most brilliant kidnapper in Nigeria, Chikwudubem Onwuamadike, otherwise known as Evans.

In this EXCLUSIVE Interview, he opens up on the secret of his power, what Evans did to him for five years, as well as why he is no longer afraid of death.

Congratulations on your latest feat by bringing Evans on his knells.

May Allah be praised. Thank you.

How long have you been looking for Evans?

I have been on his trail since the past five years. He really gave us a tough time.

Why tough times, was he more sophisticated that your team?

Not really, I think he is the smartest criminal I have ever seen in my entire life. Among all the high-profile robbers and kidnappers we have nabbed, Evans stands to be the smartest. He really gave me headache because we couldn’t track him.

How true is the report that his sister showed you his hideout?

That is not true. He kidnapped someone and refused to release the person after collecting ransom of N300m. When the victim’s family called, he asked them to bring another N300m. Unfortunately for him, the victim escaped and alerted the police. However, on getting there, they had fled but left some details behind. That was how we traced him.

What was his reaction when he saw you?

That guy is very smart. On sighting us he was shocked to his marrow, he wanted to run but when he sighted my pistol he surrendered. He never thought he could ever be arrested. He was speechless for hours because he made sure he equipped himself with all the gadgets that would not enable us track him.

Would you say his arrest is your greatest feat as an intelligent Police officer?

Well, I think my biggest catch was a notorious kidnapper, called Abiodun Egunjobi, otherwise known as Godogodo. The man had killed over 200 Nigerians. Upon his arrest, he admitted killing over 50 policemen and took away their riffles. But he is not as smart as Evans.

Some people believe you use spiritual power to track criminals, how true is this?

I don’t have any spiritual power aside the almighty Allah. There is no other secret aside God, hardwork and dedication. If you have been to developed countries, then you would know Nigeria still has a long way to God. In this job, I try to be focused and dedicated. This is the secret to a successful life. I don’t use any juju in the course of my duty.

Are you not afraid of being attacked by these people?

Well, when I ventured into this job, I know what it entails, so there is nothing to be scared one, though one has to be very careful. Of course, you don’t except me to party around like other people would do. I try as much as possible to be careful.

When are you going to arrest Benue most wanted criminal, Ghana?

All I can say now is, juts watch out. I don’t want to speak much on that hence it becomes an empty noise. Nigerians will see result soon?

Kate Henshaw and other Nigerians have been trashing you for celebrating and snapping pictures with Evans, what’s your reaction?

Who is Kate Henshaw and what does she know? She must be out of her mind to criticize us. Even in other developed countries, people celebrate the capture of criminals and I wonder why she is running her mouth criticizing us why she has never caught a fly in her entire life.

There were reports that you are at loggerheads with the IGP Ibrahim Idris for snubbing you in the special promotion for your officials for the recent feat?

When I read that stuff, I laughed because those people don’t event know how the police operate. The IGP only has the power to promote constable, corporal and sergeant. Any other promotion above that must be done by the Police Service Commission. I wonder where they got their news from?

Who is going to be the next victim?

Will surely let you know when the time comes. So hold your breathe.




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