Top bullfighter gored to death in the ring in Spain

Victor Barrio was gored to death during a fight in Spain (Picture: Alberto Simon/DYDPPA/REX/Shutterstock)

One of Spain’s top bullfighters has been gored to death in the ring in what is reported to be the country’s first matador death this century.

Victor Barrio, an award-winning fighter, was critically wounded during a tournament in Teruel in eastern Spain.

Although he was rushed to hospital, doctors were unable to save his life.

According to Spanish media, the bull had caught him in the side sending him in to a painful somersault before goring him in the chest.

Pictures from the scene show the bullfighter prone on the ground before being carried out of the ring by other matadors.

Reports suggested the bull, named Lorenzo, had been struggling but caught Barrio off-guard.

Bullfighting deaths amongst matadors are relatively rare, especially compared to deaths on bull runs which average up to 10 a year.

According to the MailOnline and BBC, the last matador death worldwide was in 1987.

Barrio was a trained professional and named the winner of San Isidro bullfighter by the Senior Club of Madrid.

Victor Barrio later died from his injuries (Picture: EPA/ANTONIO GARCIA)
Victor Barrio later died from his injuries (Picture: EPA/ANTONIO GARCIA)



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