Dollar Rise: Commercial Sex Worker Stabs Customer Over Price Hike


Lagos based Commercial Sex worker, Loveth, has been arrested by operatives of the Nigerian Police Force for allegedly stabbing her customer over an argument involving new price of patronage due to the increased exchange rate.

The alleged stabbing occurred in a popular brothel in Ojota area of the state, after the customer could not afford the new set price of the all-night service provided by the sex worker.

Loveth, who described the victim as a long distance driver who worked with a transport company identified him by the name Etuh. She explained that he was a regular customer of hers and usually spent the night whenever he visited.

She explained; “Etuh is a driver who plies Lagos and the east and he has been my regular customer for several years. In fact, I knew him when I was in Iyana Ipaja before I moved to Ojota.

Normally, when he sleeps with me, he already knows the amount to pay me and at times when he does not have enough money on him, I allowed him to have sex with me for free. But this time, he owed me some money from two previous visits and when he came, I told him that our price has gone up due to the rise in dollar. He was just laughing and I told him I was very serious.

I normally charge between N5,000 to N10,000 for all night but with the dollar rise, I told him I was going to collect N15,000 plus the money he was owing me.


After spending the night with me and having sex with me four times, he woke up very early to have his bath. When he came out of the bathroom, I told him to pay me my money but he told me he was only going to pay the old price of N5,000.

I told him I would not accept the money and that he would not leave unless he paid up all my money. He got angry and slapped me about four times and to add to the insult, he tried to rape me. That was when I picked a bottle of beer that was on the table, smashed it on the wall and stabbed him with it.

I was only defending myself,” She added.



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