Biafra’s dead, Obasanjo insists


As the protagonists of Biafra intensify efforts for the realisation of their secession agenda, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, yesterday, described the move as a dead agitation borne out of sheer ignorance and error of judgment. The former President said those involved in the current agitation for Biafra were embarking on hopeless and futile exercise, which no serious-minded Nigerian should engage in.

Obasanjo who spoke in Abuja during a roundtable discussion organized by Nextier Advisory, a public sector advisory firm spearheaded by Patrick O. Okigbo III, with the theme: “Nigeria and the Biafra Agitation”. The ex-president asked leaders from the South-East geopolitical zone to call the protesters to order as such action would not do them any good. He said only those who did not experience the Nigerian civil war would embark on such a malevolent exercise.

He refused to blame the Igbo for not voting for President Buhari in the last election but urged him to prove that Nigeria was his constituency by acting like God who gives rain to the good and the bad. Obasanjo said: “No right-thinking person who has experienced the horror of war will ever agitate for more wars. Most wars stem from real and perceived injustices and dissatisfaction and invariably wars emanate from a desire to correct or redress such situations.


“Our civil war wasn’t any different. But at the end, almost all wars, jaw-jaw takes over from boom and devastation of the gun. That is the path of wisdom, prudence and political sagacity. If the elders abdicate their responsibility to the immaturity, inadequate experience, unrealistic idealism and the frustration of the young, it will no doubt lead to disaster.



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