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Bacon, ham and sausages ‘as big a cancer threat as smoking’, WHO to warn

Bacon, burgers and sausages are about to be black-listed by the World Health Organisation, a report claims.

It is claimed the WHO is preparing to list processed meat – including much-loved sausages – as amongst the most “cancer-causing substances, alongside arsenic and asbestos”.

The Mail Online reports a ‘well-known source’ has revealed to them the United Nations’ public health arm’s plans for the categorisation.

No doubt the news will cause havoc in supermarkets, with people struggling to understand the findings of the investigation.

Fresh red meat is also up for the chop, with the same source claiming beef, pork, lamb and mutton will join the ‘encyclopaedia of carcinogens’.

While it’s likely to be categorised as ever so slightly LESS dangerous than processed meats, it could be the end of steak and chips night as we know it.

The news comes after UK Department of Health recently revealed red and processed meat “probably” increase the odds of bowel cancer.

Could it be the WHO will go a whole step further and announce red meat DOES give you cancer, as has been reported? The decision is due on Monday.


It’s not just a cancer risk on the table after enjoying a bacon sandwich – heart attacks are on the rise too.

Enjoying a couple of slices of ham can raise the risk of dying from heart failure by more than a third.

Stark findings from a study were reported earlier this year – with more than 37,000 men taking part in the research.

Dr Joanna Kaluza, who led the study, said the message for good health was clear.

She said: “To reduce your risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular ­diseases, we suggest avoiding ­ processed red meat in your diet, and limiting the amount of unprocessed red meat to one to two servings per week or less.

“Instead, eat a diet rich in fruit, ­vegetables, whole grain products, nuts and increase your servings of fish.”




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