Osinbajo has reduced himself to EFCC spokesman – Reno Omokri


Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has fired back at the at Vice President Yemi Osinbajo over the new statement by his office against the Goodluck Jonathan government.

He spoke in response to Osinbajo’s fresh statement, which is a follow up to his earlier claim that three persons under the Jonathan administration – Jide Omokore, Kola Aluko, former Petroleum Resources Minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke – stole $3 billion.

In a statement on Monday, Omokri said Osinbajo has “reduced himself to being the spokesman of the EFCC and ICPC”.

Omokri insisted that Jide Omokore and Kola Aluko were not members of the Jonathan cabinet neither did they hold any government office or position.

He said although Diezani Alison-Madueke was a government appointee who has been charged to court, no-where has she ever been accused of stealing $3 billion.

“Also, when Vice President Osinbajo says “These cases of grand corruption and open looting of public resources pauperized Nigeria and left us with little or no savings“, he has forgotten that on October 28, 2017, he himself (Vice President Osinbajo) said “When we came in, we had a foreign reserve of $32 billion”.

“If indeed former President Jonathan left the Buhari administration with “with little or no savings”, then from whom did they inherit the $32 billion in foreign reserves that the Vice President admitted to at the ‘Greater Nigeria Pastors Conference’ organised by the Berean Ministers Group?

“Vice President Osinbajo is also challenged to boldly tell Nigerians how much was left by the Jonathan administration in the Sovereign Wealth Fund which the Jonathan government set up. While doing that, can he also tell Nigerians how much the Buhari administration met in the coffers of the Nigerian Liquified Natural Company’s account to be inherited by the incoming government.

“The truth is that no matter how far and fast falsehood has traveled, it must eventually be overtaken by truth and this time, the truth emerged from the mouth of the accuser, albeit, in a Freudian slip.”